Industry pays tribute to Bud Mundt

A hugely popular and influential figure, former AOPD chief Bud Mundt passed away peacefully at home after a long illness on Sunday 26 February with his family at his side. OPI asked current and former AOPD members, customers and former colleagues for t


Jess Beim, former SVP, Avery Dennison

Bud was a long-time business associate who became a close friend. He had a unique style – warm, friendly, loyal, caring, and knowledgeable with a strong work ethic – a quality guy in every sense of the word. He was a ‘class act’ and I am proud to call him my good friend for so many years. 

Bob Enk, President, Professional Sales Associates

Bud was a great individual. He had great love for his family, his faith, his work and his friends. I was so lucky to have Bud as a friend and supporter. We shared many great times together that I will always cherish.

Chuck Harstad, former VP Office Products Division, 3M

I first met Bud when he was interviewed for an opportunity with the office products division of 3M. By the end of the interview I knew I had met a man with an infectious personality, a warm and compassionate heart and one who could also be tough as nails when the situation required. Bud was not only a valued employee, but he and Janet became lifelong friends whose friendship we cherish. He was a contributor in all that he did and was often bigger than life. It is hard to think of Bud and not smile. To know him was to love him.

Irwin Helford, former CEO, Viking

I first met Bud when he represented 3M. We worked together on many product introductions in the US and Europe. For over 30 years he was a close friend – honest, dedicated and a genuine gentleman. He set a high standard for integrity, respect and always kept his word, professionally and personally. He will always be in my memory.

Jim O’Brien, EVP of Operations, SP Richards

Quite simply, Bud was humble, gracious and epitomised the word professional.

Mark Leazer, Executive Director, AOPD

Bud and I go back to his days at 3M and his involvement with AOPD meetings 20 or so years ago. When we brought Bud on board to take over as AOPD Executive Director, we knew he was the perfect choice with his blend of manufacturer, large independent and big-box experience. He knew the industry and the people inside out. Bud knew everybody.  

It is those relationships for which he is probably best known and why so many people in the industry really admired and cared for Bud and his family. He and I had a very close relationship, both business and personal. I know Joe Templet, Jim Williams and a few others called him ‘Uncle Bud’. I’m not sure if he would be more like my uncle or more of a big brother figure. During the AOPD tenure we have always been there for each other when it came to business decisions and advice, always running some idea or thought by each other. Like many at AOPD and the industry at large, we are sure going to miss him. 

Sharon Stepien, General Manager, AOPD

I worked for Bud for 12 years but knew him for more than 30. Bud empowered people – he didn’t push them, he led them. He trusted in the AOPD staff and thereby let us develop our creative abilities. He let us shine and always acknowledged our importance to the success of AOPD. He was a wonderful man and a great friend. We will miss him with all our hearts.

Paul Ventimiglia, Director Business Development, PM Company

I admired him for obvious reasons… integrity, business acumen, honesty, trustworthiness, compassion, humour and, most importantly, the love for his family. 

Bud’s compassion for the City of Hope will forever be his legacy. Many times Bud would ask me to play piano for the City of Hope – it is one of the fondest memories I have of him. Pure enthusiasm.

He touched everyone’s life in a positive way and his friendship was a blessing to me, as was his loyalty. Bud was a good human being, a mentor and dear friend. Everyone should live their life like he did. Learn from his example. I loved him. RIP.

Mike Wilbur, President, Wilbur and Associates Consulting

Bud was a very special individual. I had the good fortune to know him for over 30 years. I am particularly fond of the past 12 years as we became close friends. 

Overall, Bud spent 46 years in the OP industry. During that time, he was a vendor, a dealer and finally leader of an industry organisation. You might say that Bud’s industry career reflected his personal and industry evolution. He was a husband, a father, a friend and a businessman, in that order. He was always a strong example to his family and the result is the legacy he left them. 

As a businessman, he was level-handed. His approach always saw him create the proverbial ‘win-win’ that leads to great results and good feelings for all. Some call this fair, I call it integrity. 

As a friend, Bud was the best. It took a great deal to truly earn his respect, but once you did he was a friend for life. His loyalty was legendary. He always found a way to put his arm around your shoulder and say “love you friend”.

The industry will miss him, his organisation will miss him, his friends will miss him, but most of all Janet and the Mundt family will miss him. There is/was only one Bud Mundt. Our mentor, leader and friend.