CE Europe supports Unicef


6 September 2007 — Amsterdam (NL): Corporate Express (CE) Europe has donated €6,420 ($8,790) to Unicef’s "All girls to school" project in Afghanistan.


As a result of this, 2,000 girls will be supplied with school materials, the development of 4 schools can be supported and 10 teachers can attend a 10-day course.


In June and July 2007, a customer survey was conducted to measure the quality and effectiveness of marketing and communication in Europe. For every participating
customer, an amount was given to Unicef’s project.


Peter Ventress, president of CE Europe, said: "I want to personally thank our customers for their participation. Insight into our customers’ needs is essential to our business. Incorporating the outcomes of the survey in our products and services offering, will support us to serve our customers even better.


"It also pleases me to see that we have found a way to combine our customer’s needs, our information need and social engagement all in one effort. This is an example of how we want to do business."


Marcel Olislagers of Unicef added: "We are very grateful for this donation. It
shows how a little effort makes a big difference for children in Afghanistan. CE has indeed found a very innovative and unique way of creating a win-win situation. We welcome these kinds of initiatives."