Canon to make laser printers in Vietnam


10 December 2004 – Bacninh (VTN): Canon has announced plans to start manufacturing laser printers for export in Vietnam from January 2006, according to online Japanese news service Nikkei.

The company, currently the world’s largest manufacturer of laser printers, is expanding production to meet growing demand in China for low-priced laser printers that retail for between Y20,000 and Y30,000.

Global sales for laser printers are forecast to increase by 17 per cent this year to 18 million units, said the report.

It added that monthly production capacity at the plant, to be based in the Bacninh province, will be roughly 700,000 units, and Canon will hire around 3,000 workers for the plant by 2007.

The company has already disclosed plans to start making inkjet printers in Vietnam in June 2005.