Buhrmann to become Corporate Express



9 March 2007 – Amsterdam (NL): Buhrmann has announced that it will be changing its name to Corporate Express.


Pending approval at the AGM of shareholders on 12 April 2007, the statutory name of the company and the name of the shares listed on Euronext and New York stock exchange will be changed to Corporate Express NV.


Frans Koffrie, president and CEO of Buhrmann said: "Operating under one brand makes strong marketing sense. The vast majority of our operations are conducted under the Corporate Express name and annual sales of our own branded products already account for over €1 billion ($1.3 billion). It will increase recognition of the company worldwide, help us drive sales and reinforce our identity with all stakeholders."


The company said the costs associated with the name change are expected to be limited. Most activities are already branded as Corporate Express and, to a large extent, natural replacement will be used.


Following the rebranding, Buhrmann said advantages will be achieved through economies of scale in areas such as merchandising, labour market communication and the use of a "unified" corporate identity.


Buhrmann is one of the world’s largest suppliers of office products and services to businesses and institutions with 2006 annual sales of €6.3 billion. The company currently employs almost 19,000 people and operates a global distribution network covering North America, Europe and Australia.