Buhrmann posts 7.2 percent rise in net sales



2 August 2006 — Amsterdam (NL): Buhrmann has posted a 7.2 percent increase in Q2 net sales to €1.59 million ($2.04 million) compared to €1.48 million a year earlier.


The company’s North American division (Corporate Express North America), which recently announced corporate restructuring, delivered five percent organic sales growth from €743.2 million in Q2 2005 to €793.3 million.


Frans Koffrie, President and CEO, said: "It is encouraging that we have been able to grow sales in all divisions and improve our net result strongly in a quarter of such significant change. This was an important and positive quarter for Office Products North America. We were able to grow sales by five percent organically even though our focus was primarily on streamlining our organisational structure." He continued: "Now that this restructuring is complete we believe that resultant cost efficiencies and the new organisational structure will generate increasing top and bottom line benefits in upcoming quarters."


The European division saw organic sales increase by eight percent to €243.9, compared to €231.3 million a year earlier. In Australia, the company posted Q2 net sales of €183.5 million, compared to €184.2 in the year-ago period.


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