Billingham launches BlueSky Systems Solutions


1 August 2006 — Sheffield (UK): Adrian Billingham has today launched Sheffield-based BlueSky Systems Solutions, a financial software company.
Billingham has been part of the OP industry for over 20 years and originally worked for Buxton-based Softly Aware, which was later purchased in 1999/2000 by Integrity Software.
Speaking to Billingham told us about what he hopes to achieve with BlueSky: "I used to enjoy working in the industry and with BlueSky I look forward to talking to users and customers and building stronger relationships and a more customer friendly business."
The new company’s objectives are to provide a fully integrated management system for the office product industry and to become the major supplier of back office systems on the basis of quality and functionality. Horizon and Horizon-Web software will be available from the company immediately.
Billingham has named Neil Sharples as general manager and Nick Townsend as sales manager.