Bi-silque reports record sales growth

1 August 2007 — Lisbon (POR): Bi-silque, the Portuguese manufacturer of visual communication products, has reported record sales growth for first half 2007.

The company has experienced growth of 62 percent, compared with last year, and is now forecasting 2007 sales to reach €41 million ($56.1 million).


VP Andre Vasconcelos said: "Our business and market share is growing in Europe. We work closely with our customers and remain responsive to market and customer needs. 2007 looks set to be another excellent year. With 62 percent year-on-year growth we are planning for continued success through 2008 and beyond.


"The increase in turnover over our performance last year can best be described as dramatic and the commitment to invest heavily in the business provides us with a very solid and stable platform, which we are looking forward to building on. There is no question that we are operating in a fiercely competitive environment but our track record in terms of delivering quality products and services will serve us well in the future."