Balancing the facts



When is OPI going to report the other side of the story regarding’s RDC adventure? I am a former member and I’ve talked to several other former group members, and this is not simply a story about a bunch of small, stockless dealers who didn’t understand the mechanics of the programme. It also is not about a philosophical disagreement. In my opinion and the opinion of many of the former members, this is a story of mis-management on a massive scale and of convenient…withholding of vital information on the part of management and perhaps the board of directors.


Chuck Inwood, Nickerson Business Supplies, Inc., USA


Industry welcomes MBO


Dear Steve,


Congratulations on the acquisition of OPI. I am delighted that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in well in the UK. OPI is well positioned through your efforts as the voice of the office products industry around the globe. It will be nice for you to bear the fruits of your labour.


Your tireless travel and incredible contacts have contributed to the high profile and solid reputation you have earned. I am confident that you will have every success in the future and look forward to working with you.


Jim Preston, BPGI, USA


Many congratulations on the acquisition and the resultant change of guard at OPI. I do hope that OPI will continue to grow stronger and stronger under your dynamic leadership. Thanks and best wishes.


Sunil Duggal, Luxor, India


Congratulations on this! I am more than sure that with you and Janet at the "volant" there is an even brighter future for my favourite trade media organisation, the beloved OPI.


Dasha Spiridonova, Office File, Russia


This is fantastic news for you and your team. We will have an early drink over at PaperPro for you tonight! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to our continued success with the new OPI platform!


Todd Moses, PaperPro, USA