Asda Essentials is born


31 March 2006– Northampton (UK): Asda’s first convenience store, Asda Essentials, opens today in the Midlands town of Northampton.

This pilot store, which stands at 740 sq m, aims to push Asda’s private label range over branded products. Advertisements around the store feature pictures of Asda’s own products and their prices next to the branded, more expensive version.


Beth Keck, director of International Corporate Affairs at Wal-Mart International told OPI+: "The Asda Essentials format will bring Asda to new audiences. There’s nothing else like it in the UK – a store predominantly stocked with own label items and less than 100 brands. The store is a vote of confidence in the strength of the Asda brand and the quality of our private label items."


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