AOS Web-com rebrands as AOS Ware


16 October 2007 — Lakewood (NJ): AOS Web-Com has launched AOS Ware, its new brand identity.

Jennifer Stine, director of marketing, said: "The change is very subtle and we did that intentionally. AOS Web-Com has built brand awareness and equity around its name for the past several years. We simply felt it was the right time to position our company brand around software, thus the transition to AOS Ware."


The company’s product brands – Dealer Commander, OP Commander and Quote Commander – will keep the same names.


Stine added: "Our strategy revolves around our product brands. You will always see these brands take precedence over the AOS Ware brand. We want our market segment to relate to the product solutions themselves, not necessarily the parent company behind the brands."


AOS Ware is also in the process of launching its new website at, while further improving the Dealer Commander and Quote Commander systems.


The New Jersey-based firm will showcase its full suite of business management and eCommerce solutions at the Action Emco show in Atlantic City on Thursday 18 October.