Antalis scoops Europa contract

Antalis is to take over Europa’s third party logistics contract from June 2005.

Three of the Europa groups, Integra, Nemo and United, have finalised an agreement whereby Antalis will take up the existing warehouse business, leaving Europa to focus on purchasing.

Europa has already served notice to leave Wincanton, the current warehouse provider.

The choice of a new 3PL provider has also led to an announcement from Advantia that it will leave Europa, by mutual consent, at the beginning of October. Instead, it has apparently selected Spicers as its future logistics provider.

The deal with Antalis will require Europa to re-focus its core purchasing activity, which has led to the redundancy of 18 out of its 26 employees, among them top management positions.

And the most recent development in this ongoing saga is the resignation of Europa’s managing director himself – Nick Oates – who said: "I would like to thank all of our dealers who have supported Europa and helped the business to prosper. When I joined Europa, the future of the independent dealer was predicted to be bleak. The reality has been very different. Dealers have prospered and Europa has played its part by improving their purchasing terms."