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How can organisations take advantage of the latest print management solutions?
When it comes to getting the most out of your printing and imaging environment, it goes beyond just controlling costs. It means taking advantage of reliable, quality solutions to proactively manage printing and imaging as strategic assets – ultimately making your firm a printing-savvy enterprise.
In reality, most organisations would like to have more control and better print management to prevent costly and inconvenient printer downtime. However, getting that level of control is no side project – and it can quickly turn into a monster. Without real-world solutions, you’re left reacting to problems.
While 10 percent of corporate printing costs are fixed as they relate to equipment, supplies and service expenses, the remainder can be controlled through the use of business-class print management tools.
I. The four step approach
Depending on your current level of manageability, there’s generally a four-step approach:
Step 1: Optimise infrastructure – It starts with having the right printers deployed throughout the organisation – colour, black and white, and multifunction – ensuring that every employee, team and department has exactly what it needs. Upgrading to a faster, more cost-effective machine often allows companies to internally manage jobs they previously sent to a print shop.
Step 2: Manage environment – Take advantage of management tools that automatically perform critical software updates, provide convenient alerts to view supply levels and seamlessly reorder.
Step 3: Reliability control costs – A 2007 independent study commissioned by Hewlett-Packard but performed by Quality Logic compared original HP LaserJet cartridges with nine brands of remanufactured toner cartridges. The study found more than one-third of the generic or remanufactured cartridges pages were of limited or no use.
Step 4: Improve workflow – Leverage your printing and imaging network to streamline paper-based processes and allow everyone in your organisation to work together better, thus exploiting workflow opportunities for a competitive advantage.
II. Superior quality controls costs
Organisations faced with managing the hardware, software and supplies for a large fleet of printing and imaging devices are looking for new ways to save money, without forsaking quality. Many enterprises have considered the cost-effectiveness and reliability of using remanufactured monochrome toner cartridges. The question is: Do lower-priced cartridges really deliver the same quality and reliability as original HP monochrome toner cartridges? HP compared the two and found these compelling results.
1. Significant problems – The aforementioned Quality Logic research performed in 2007 confirms that the HP LaserJet monochrome toner cartridges continue to outperform the remanufactured monochrome toner cartridges tested. Remanufacturers may claim their cartridges are just as reliable as Original HP cartridges, but remanufactured cartridges still exhibit a significant number of problems.
2. More expensive – Even though the purchase price of remanufactured monochrome toner cartridges may be lower than that of Original HP monochrome toner cartridges, when you factor in the costs associated with poor reliability and quality, you may find that remanufactured cartridges are actually more expensive.
3. Diminished productivity – Time spent fixing or addressing printing problems is one of the hidden disadvantages of using unreliable monochrome toner cartridges. Spending time on printing problems is a business distraction. Using Original HP monochrome toner cartridges enables businesses to focus on their business.
Use the tools
HP has developed a set of Reliability Cost Tools to help business customers compare the costs of using Original HP monochrome toner cartridges with those of remanufactured monochrome toner cartridges, based on their own printing experience. These tools factor in, among other things, the cost impacts of quality and reliability problems.
The tools enable companies to compare the obvious and less-obvious costs of using HP Original cartridges or remanufactured cartridges. Contact an HP sales representative to assist you and your business in accessing and using these tools.
III. Visionary print manageability tools
Today, HP is helping more business customers solve their "reactive" print management problems with powerful tools. Innovations in HP’s suite of print management tools ensure businesses have the supplies they need when they need them, maximise efficiency, and save valuable time and money.
HP’s broad portfolio of print manageability applications and tools is specifically designed to help organisations of all sizes manage their printing supplies proactively, including:
• Managed or unmanaged businesses
• Laser or ink users
• Single users, device maintainers, IT helpdesks
• Fleets of one to 100,000 printers
See how the following innovative printing and imaging solutions can benefit your organisation and improve your workflows.
Web Jetadmin 10.0
IT organisations and business administrators around the world rely on HP Web Jetadmin 10.0 to remotely manage a wide variety of printing devices. A total printing and imaging fleet management utility, this tool is designed to help enterprises improve productivity and decrease precious IT time managing the printing and imaging environment. HP continues to improve the interface for ease of use, and recently added new security and supplies capabilities.
HP Web Jetadmin 10.0 makes it significantly easier for IT managers to create the most secure print environment, and streamline supplies management. By using a fleet utility solution, managers can effectively manage and maintain control over their print environment, lowering the total cost of ownership, and map printing needs to actual business objectives across the organisation.
For instance, it allows you to view supplies status across an entire fleet of printers, track usage, predict consumables needs, have emails with consolidated information sent to supplies purchasers, and easily reorder replacements online.
Better, faster, stronger
Managing supplies is one of the largest costs in terms of time and money associated with enterprise print environments. When a cartridge runs out or prematurely fails during a crucial print run, valuable resources and precious time are wasted. Now there are several new supplies management features included in Web Jetadmin 10.0 utility. IT managers can easily monitor supplies levels and cartridge performance, and keep the entire enterprise printer fleet running strong.
• Supply-side management – Administrators can quickly view the status of supplies in multiple ways: via the supplies tab, supplies level gauges or alerts. They can easily manage supply inventory, assess future needs and plan supplies budget.
• Convenient shopping – Now you can view and print a shopping list based on only the HP supplies you need. The tool conveniently links to HP SureSupply from the main navigation tree so supplies can be quickly ordered online.
• Accurate reporting – Easily create reports to illustrate how supplies are being used, predict replenishment and simplify supply ordering. This gives you insight into the print environment and helps control costs.
Flawless reordering
HP Web Jetadmin also includes a convenient feature called Supply Replacement Forecast. You can use it to get replacement date predictions based on supply usage histories. It provides part number details and current supply levels for fast, seamless reordering.
And, using Web Jetadmin, IT administrators can set supplies alerts based on needs, create custom reports, archive supply usage reports, and consolidate reordering reports.
Finally, with Web Jetadmin, you have a number of choices when it comes to replenishing printing supplies. For example, users can:
• Create reports that can be emailed to the person responsible for reordering – these reports can provide a consolidated view of all the printers an individual is responsible for
• Create reports in HTML or CSV format to easily import into an Excel format for purchasing detail
• Create a Consolidated Supply Order Report for a specified period of time for a fleet of printers
Ultimately, HP Web Jetadmin 10.0 puts more supplies information right at your fingertips, enabling you to flawlessly and efficiently manage your entire printing and imaging fleet.
The update challenge
Managing a large fleet of printing and imaging devices means keeping up with a groundswell of software and driver updates for a wide variety of devices – new and old. Managing and installing updates can be challenging. An easier method is to use the HP Universal Print Driver. It eliminates the need for IT staff to manage individual print drivers by providing one driver and one interface for all networked HP printers. It’s downloaded through a link during printer install.
The HP Universal Print Driver reduces IT costs, time spent managing drivers and provides users with the best experience. HP is the only technology provider to offer a complete solution like HP Universal Print Driver for Windows. Over two million copies of the HP Universal Print Driver have been downloaded from
IV. Conclusion
HP believes there’s a better way to manage your printing and imaging devices – as strategic assets. Only HP’s range of scalable networking products and services gives you the power to manage your printing supplies efficiently: we help you track ink and toner usage, you’ll receive alerts when supplies are low and you can conveniently purchase replacement supplies online.
With HP, you manage your printing systems proactively and remotely, reducing administrative time and improving overall user satisfaction.
The question of whether lower priced and remanufactured cartridges really deliver the same quality and reliability as Original HP monochrome toner cartridges has been answered. The results of one industry-leading research study by Quality Logic and a customer survey conducted by Lyra Research found that that Original HP cartridges continue to offer customers superior reliability and quality, and may help your company save money and increase productivity in the long run.
HP now offers a set of Reliability Cost Tools to help your business compare the costs and save money on Original HP cartridges – all this is part of your total print manageability solution.