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Which major US OP support company is expected to announce a huge move into the European market next month? We wish we could say more but stay tuned to OPI for more details.

Spy was bombarded with tales of unmentionable antics during the Christmas party season last month. The favourite out of the printable stories received was the account of the fresh company recruit who forearmed his company director during a drunken game of touch rugby following after-dinner speeches. The senior OP exec was knocked unconscious and required hospital attention – the over-eager green recruit has kept his job…for now.

OPI Spy nearly fell off his seat when he saw the end of year results of a little-heard-of office supplies company in Africa. Art Holdings reported a turnover of US$1.3 trillion…yes, trillion! However upon closer examination, the plucky company is based in Zimbabwe, where the actual conversion means US$150,000 is worth just 70 cents on the Harare money markets.