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Last month OPI Spy accurately reported on the rumblings within Corporate Express following the sudden disappearance of Frans Koffrie and whispers of a senior management shake-up. A week later, it was confirmed that Koffrie was surplus to requirements and no longer needed to head the group. Could it be that he was the leading boardroom voice in favour of a sale to one of the big US players?


You know it’s a strange world when innocent marker pens are being used as bombs. And that’s exactly what happened when one disgruntled US student attempted to fashion an explosive device using a popular brand of marker pen. The would-be bomber filled the pen’s barrel with gunpowder and even took the trouble to attach a makeshift fuse! Luckily his mischief was scuppered when another eagle-eyed student spotted his antics and notified the authorities by text! He is now facing felony charges. Things have certainly changed since the OPI team was at school!


Which UK super-sized dealer was so anxious about the recent Kingfield Heath-ISA merger, it sought urgent supply talks with another wholesaler? However, the switchboard must still be at lunch as OPI Spy understands the dealer is still waiting for the call back.


OPI Spy has learnt of a senior OP executive who joined the industry to satisfy a “love for the smell of paper”. Do you know of anyone who joined the industry for the strangest of reasons? Drop us a line at spy@opi.net


Top online retailer Euroffice.com has undergone an impressive and radical rebranding. But Spy’s puzzled at the sudden appearance of a cherry in its company logo. Any ideas about Euroffice’s switch from pens and paper to fruit and veg?