OP domain auction site launches



OP domain name auction site launched


US firm looks to tap into the growing web browser business by launching a domain name auction site


Online Ventures USA, the parent company of technology provider AOS Ware, has launched what it says is the first premium domain name auction site for the OP industry.


The site – VirtualWebRealty.com – will enable dealers within the office products, office furniture, custom printing and school supply industries to view industry-related premium domain names available for purchase or currently on auction.


The site currently has over 750 premium domain names available and plans to add over 500 more premium domain names in the second quarter of 2010.


Online Ventures says that the domains available for auction on VirtualWebRealty.com can be considered premium because they contain industry specific keywords and are closely associated with industry terms. Some of the domain names which are currently listed include wesellofficesupplies.com, topofficesupplies.com and gogreenofficesupplies.com.


"If your domain contains the keywords ‘office supplies’ or ‘school supplies’, you’re already ahead of the game in achieving significant organic rank on search engines for these terms", says Jennifer Stine, President of internet marketing agency Fortune Web Marketing.


"Bidding on a term in the pay-per-click arena, especially for something as broad and competitive as ‘office supplies’ can get expensive, whereas achieving organic rank for these terms can be much more cost effective," she explains.


Stine also says that building a brand and growing an online business requires a diverse mix of marketing strategies, but since Search Engine Marketing is critical, the value of achieving high organic rank should not be taken lightly.


"A domain is part of your brand and should always be considered such. Premium domains will generally contain keywords and, most importantly, associate the user with what the site is essentially about, the types of products and services it offers and even the geographic region which the site may serve."


VirtualWebRealty.com plans to release geo-targeted domains that focus on the 50 states in the US market, as well as specific regions within the UK during the second quarter of 2010.