Mergers and Acquisitions


Corporate Express has acquired Møller & Landschultz, a Danish dealer. Møller, based in Espergærde, has a strong presence in the Copenhagen area with large and mid-size customers. It employs 66 people and is expected to realise 2007 revenue of approximately €18 million ($26.5 million). Peter Damman, president of Corporate Express Europe, said: "The acquisition provides a unique opportunity to expand our geographic coverage in the Nordic region. It is a big opportunity to enlarge our presence in the Danish market and a good platform to unlock synergies with our Corporate Express branch in Denmark. The transaction will enable us to improve our offering to international customers and leverage central services, merchandising and other areas such as transport and warehousing. Denmark

IRIS Group has completed the acquisition of Germany-based Docutec. Founded in 1997, Docutec is a software editor in Intelligent Document Recognition. Pierre De Muelenaere, president and CEO of IRIS Group, said: "In our field, we identified Docutec as one of the most innovative companies in Germany with an excellent reputation. The company has built a strong network of partners including WMD, Henrichsen, Easy, Banctec and Unisys and gained trust from prestigious customers for invoice reading, digital mailroom and other document reading applications. "With this acquisition, IRIS will strengthen its presence in Germany in the corporate markets. In addition, IRIS will accelerate the marketing of Docutec’s technologies and products on a global basis." Germany

JA Magson, the largest independent UK distributor of stationery, toys and greetings cards has been acquired by investment fund Agilo. The deal will provide Magson’s with both the financial working capital requirements and management support to "fully exploit its unique market position and enable the business to drive its growth objectives more rapidly". Magson has recently undergone the first phases of a restructuring process and with the financial and managerial support of Agilo, the company hopes it can focus on its business growth plans into 2008. United Kingdom