Letter to Editor


Dear Editor,
Whilst many organisations today are trying to jump on the ‘green’ bandwagon, calling themselves ‘environmentally friendly’, how many actually, seriously include environmental responsibility as a factor in supplier selection processes and purchasing decisions?


We all know they ask the questions in their tenders, but how significant are green credentials in the overall decision process?


With increasing numbers of private and public organisations striving to recycle more, save energy and be carbon neutral, it is now time for them to give positive preference to suppliers that take serious and demonstrable measures to back up their green marketing claims.


With many organisations outsourcing or partnering for their print solutions, it is vital that they support their print suppliers in minimising their collective impact on the environment, whilst still delivering cost savings and providing an efficient, high quality service.


By setting up proactive environmental schemes, print suppliers can then positively support their clients’ environmental initiatives.


Even the smallest changes can help to reduce a carbon footprint, such as switching to smaller sheet sizes, printing double sided, implementing a ‘switch it off!’ policy for all electrical equipment when not in use and recycling waste paper, cardboard and toner cartridges.


One or two suppliers like ourselves have gone much further and can offer totally carbon neutral print services through innovative tree replanting schemes and other initiatives.


It is the responsibility of every organisation to minimise the impact it is having on the environment, and it is false marketing to say an organisation is environmentally friendly when its own direct supply chain does not have a genuine commitment to the environment.


Today’s organisations want to be seen and heard to be looking after the environment and by choosing suppliers with demonstrable and genuine green credentials they can improve their own image with customers and the public at large whilst supporting those suppliers of us who are taking this issue seriously, sometimes at substantial cost to our bottom line.
Bill Joss
Chairman, Cats Solutions Ltd, UK