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It’s your business, take control
Take care of costs by printing and designing your own marketing material and they’ll take care of your business, says Hewlett-Packard

As a business owner or manager, you know that controlling costs is critical for your success. Savvy executives looking to maximise their marketing dollars are reconsidering the traditional approach of printing marketing materials in bulk and then using them as needed for pitches and sales presentations. While strategies like printing on demand, using small runs of customised materials and printing in the office are gaining popularity.

Making the switch to printing your own marketing materials might be a little daunting, especially if your office currently has just black and white printing capability. The key is to choose the right printer for the anticipated workload. And when it comes to printer choices, HP’s market-leading printing portfolio gives you a wide range of choices to support your transition to printing in the office. With HP Color LaserJet or ink-based OfficeJet Pro printers (colour laser and ink options abound), Original HP toners and HP inks and a broad range of papers, you’ll get excellent output quality – quality that’s preferred over the competition, and at a lower cost per page than the print shop. You will also benefit from the flexibility and speed (no running to the print shop) that comes from controlling the output yourself.
Polish your message and your look
If your business requires fewer than 500 copies of a particular brochure or piece of marketing collateral, printing the job yourself could save significant dollars. But you might be asking, "Is cheaper always the best choice- A legitimate concern is quality. After all, if it doesn’t look as good as the print shop, the money saved is irrelevant; wasted even, since you won’t want to use the materials anyway. To make the switch with confidence, consider these factors:
• Choose the optimal combination of printer, toner and papers
• Print shop quality starts with having the right colour printer for your workload. The right printer toner or ink is just as critical.
In study after study, HP printers, inks and toners have been proven to be preferred over the competition for their superior image quality and reliability. HP makes a widest selection of papers for its printers, in a range of weights, finishes and sizes, readily available online and from local office supply stores. Great value, superior image quality, readily available; HP can provide the best colour printing solution for your office.
Ratchet up your creativity with a professional look
Having the right equipment foundation is a good start. Providing a professional look for your company is an essential next step. HP offers templates, images, graphic design support to achieve outstanding creative results. The templates work with popular applications like Acrobat PDF, Corel Draw and Microsoft Office.
Decide to print in house or at the print shop as needed
Sometimes it truly does make sense to print your collateral at a print shop. Knowing when to make that decision can improve efficiency in your office. HP provides easy-to-use online tools that compare prices to determine the best printing method. In many cases, small to medium runs are more economical when printed in the office. In a study by InfoTrends, HP consistently wasproven to be a more cost effective printing solution for printing jobs of less than 500 copies.
By printing your marketing materials when you need them and as you need them, you can produce customised materials for each client, while reducing overall print expenditures and maintain print shop quality. This article covers the elements of printer, ink toner and media that you need to consider when making the switch to printing your own marketing materials. Making the switch to a colour printer When evaluating when, how, or if you should bring at least some of your colour printing in house, there are a few things to consider when choosing your printer and supplies:
Out of the box capabilities – Is the printer ready to go out of the box? Does the printer come with marketing templates, suggestions, tips, paper samples or any other information related to developing marketing materials or how to get the most from the printer? QualityLogic studies2 show that HP provides the widest range of media for its printers and that media is more readily available than competitor’s products. For select business-focused printers HP even provides a CD with more than 100 ready-to-use business templates and a media pack of speciality papers. Wide range of media support – Marketing materials take all sorts of forms; post cards for direct mail, flyers, tri-fold brochures, banners, newsletters, and more. Will the printer’s main tray handle a wide range of media? Will it print on heavy card stock, post cards, and glossy double-sided media? And perhaps even more important, does the manufacturer have its own branded papers and media designed specifically for these applications or projects? HP offers the broadest array of papers and media, all designed for superior results in HP printers. HP even offers a 4×6 inch colour laser photo paper, approved for postcard mailing, a first for the industry.
Print quality – Superior image and print quality is critically important. Different marketing collateral demands different amounts of colour and a capability to handle photos as well as graphics and charts. Will the printer, its colour toner or inks, and media stand up to the quality you could get from a copy shop? Do the printer drivers enable you to easily select different papers and then configure the printer quality settings to match? In its most recent studies, QualityLogic results prove once again that HP print quality is superior to the equivalently priced competition.
More information and support – Is the manufacturer’s website simple to use and does it provide additional information? Tips, content suggestions, ideas, and help that’s different than what comes in the box? QualityLogic found that HP’s website included more content for both new and experienced marketing professionals, along with templates, online services like logo design and more. In fact, HP provides templates and kits for five industry segments, in multiple formats for each template, making it the most comprehensive website of the manufacturer’s sites studied.


The bottom line: The HP colour printing solution is superior to the competition.
Reliability saves money
The quality of the ink and toner that you use when printing plays a significant role in the quality of the output. Because marketing materials typically use large amounts of colour imagery and graphics, the ability to reproduce colour accurately, without smudging or smearing, throughout the life of the cartridge is critical. You can’t afford to throw out half the job because one of the colours ran out. Original HP inks and toners deliver uninterrupted, consistent printing so you don’t need to worry about smudges, leaks or defects – using HP print cartridges with your HP printer virtually eliminates printing problems. Recent independent studies have found that:
• More than one-third of the generic or re-manufactured cartridges pages were of limited or no use3
• Customers who experienced problems with generic, store-brand or refilled colour laser print cartridges lost use of their printer for nearly two days
• Stay focused on your business and leave printing quality to HP. Affordable, reliable Original HP ink and toner provide worry-free, hassle-free printing that saves you time and money.
Volume printing options
Does the printer manufacturer offer toner or ink in large sizes for greater economy? HP ColorSphere toner offers the ability to print volume in mono or colour. Just choose the cartridge to fit your needs:
• Standard cartridges offering legendary HP reliability and quality
• High-volume cartridges that enable volume printing at a lower cost per page as well as reduce time spent changing cartridges
• Dual packs offering an average savings of 10 percent over single cartridges
Make the cut using the right paper
When you compare costs of printing between a print shop and your office, one thing to keep in mind is that in general, regardless of the amount of colour used, print shops tend to charge the same per page. It’s the choice of paper stock (and number of copies) that tends to influence overall print cost much more than the amount of toner or ink that is used. HP offers a variety of business papers in varying finishes and weights for premium-quality marketing materials that are virtually indistinguishable from and more affordable than those produced at print shops. And, with a print run of less than 500 brochures, printing it yourself can save you up to 50 percent compared to using a local print shop.4
Press check from your desk
The fine-tuning that turns your marketing materials into professional, finished pieces is an essential part of the printing process. It’s important that the printer be adjusted to replicate the results you see on your monitor for the paper that you are using.
HP Print View Software
HP Print View Software is a free suite of tools that helps you to create and print professional-quality brochures, fliers, mailers, and much more by using your own HP printer. This tool combines the capabilities of a print driver with a real-time print preview of your document.


After you install the software, HP Print View appears in the list of available printers on your computer, and can be installed as your default printer driver for easy identification. By using this tool, you can change various print settings and see immediately how those changes affect your document.
The HP colour printing solution provides businesses with the tools needed to quickly develop and cost-effectively print limited to moderate runs of marketing collateral materials without leaving the office. When you print it yourself, you can:
Save time – Create professional-quality marketing materials with ease on your own
without a design agency or print shop.
Save money – By using your own in-office HP printer for smaller print jobs instead of sending them to an external print shop, you can often save money. You are in complete control over the document, and you can decide which options to use. Ultimately, you save money and prevent waste.
Gain flexibility – You control the schedule, the quantity, and, most importantly, the output. You can update your marketing materials whenever you want.
Be environmentally responsible – Viewing how your document will look without printing test copies, assistance with two-sided printing, and the ability to print only the quantities you need all help to reduce paper waste.
And when it comes to image quality, printer selection, and availability of ink, toner and papers, HP outperforms the rest.
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