Guernsey hosts Bush for key speech



OP dealer hosts Bush for key speech


It’s not every day that the President of the US chooses your company premises as a venue for a key speech but that’s what happened to leading independent dealer Guernsey Office Products at the beginning of October.


The eyes of America were turned on the Virginia-based dealer as CNN broadcast George W Bush’s speech live from the GOP warehouse where the President sought to raise the morale of US consumers and small business owners following the announcement of a $700 billion rescue package aimed at bringing an end to the credit crisis.


GOP CEO Dave Guernsey had met with President Bush at the White House three weeks earlier as part of a delegation that discussed the impact of energy price rises on high street businesses, and he returned the compliment by hosting a short meeting in the GOP boardroom with the President and local business leaders, who urged the US leader to allay people’s fears about the financial crisis.


After the private meeting, President Bush gave a speech from GOP’s warehouse, addressing Dave Guernsey personally at the start of his talk, calling him a "good marketer" and thanking him "for being an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a doer and for providing people stable work".


The President also drew laughter from the large crowd when he shared a conversation between himself and Dave Guernsey. "Dave said (to me): ‘Listen, I understand you’re going to be retiring pretty soon…do you need some furniture in your new digs in Texas?’"


He also referred to the office supplier later in his speech: "You’ve got a motto here at Guernsey that says, ‘No matter what your clients need, your answer is the same: We can do that.’ That ought to be a good motto for the United States right now. We can do it."


Dave Guernsey told OPI that the President’s visit had been "the most frantic 72 hours the Guernsey organisation has ever experienced".


"It was an amazing experience to host the President of the United States and I want to thank my team who raised their game to an extraordinary level," added Guernsey.