Green matters



Domtar expands WWF agreement


North American paper manufacturer Domtar has expanded its licensing agreement with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).


The expanded agreement now covers all of Domtar’s EarthChoice products, including office paper, and Domtar will make an annual contribution of US$350,000 to WWF from the sale of its EarthChoice products.


"The funds generated by this agreement will build upon Domtar’s long-standing commitment to supporting WWF’s sustainability efforts around the globe," said Terry Macko, VP and Chief Marketing Officer at WWF. "We hope their commitment to source fibre responsibly and promote credible forest certification sets an example for other companies to follow."


Mondi’s paper goes CO2 neutral


Mondi has achieved CO2 neutral status for its Color Copy range.


To achieve the certification Mondi has invested in a series of emissions reduction programmes.


"The environment is a main concern for our customers and for Mondi. The new paper wrapper displays the FSC, Green Range, EU Ecolabel, and CO2 neutral logos directly on the front side, while further environmental information is detailed on the back of the ream. The switch to paper packaging means less plastic waste for our customers – and for the environment," said Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Uncoated Fine Paper.


Green moves by CE Australia


Corporate Express Australia has recently announced two major initiatives designed to encourage and assist Australian businesses to become more environmentally and socially sustainable.


CE’s Go Green Guide – for a Greener Workspace aims to encourage and facilitate sustainable procurement for Australian businesses. The guide includes advice and ‘how to’ steps for businesses of all sizes, as well as almost 2,000 EarthSaver products.


The company has also entered into a partnership with GreenBizCheck, an environmental certification programme that helps firms to decide what they need to do in order to make their business more sustainable, without requiring an onerous time or financial investment.


"Businesses are increasingly under pressure from staff and customers to ‘go green’ and they have a responsibility to society beyond profit maximisation and job creation," said Jennifer Levasseur, CSR Manager at CE Australia.


"However, quite often, businesses don’t have access to the information they need to make this happen. We are committed to being an environmentally sustainable company and focussed on helping Australian businesses realise how easy it is to go green – regardless of their size or what industry they work in. The facts and figures included in the guide demonstrate that businesses can minimise the effects they have on the environment, even if they take small steps."


Boise pulls TD onto scheme


One of North America’s largest banking groups, TD Bank Financial Group, is to participate in paper manufacturer Boise Inc’s Closed Loop System, a paper recycling programme.


Under the scheme, at least 1,500 metric tonnes of paper from TD’s operations in Canada and the US is diverted from landfills and used in the production of recycled office paper. TD then purchases the recycled paper for use in its operations – hence the closed loop system. TD is the first Canadian company to participate in a closed loop recycling system and the first to have one that is North American-wide.


Each year, TD purchases approximately 3,500 metric tonnes of Forest Stewardship Council certified office paper for its North American operations. Approximately 1,050 metric tonnes of recycled material is required to manufacture the 3,500 metric tonnes of paper used by TD – the bank delivers to its partners 1,500 metric tonnes to ensure adequate supply.


"TD’s participation in the closed loop system is both a win for their business and for the environment," says Marty Parker, Customer Focus/Governmental Affairs Manager, Boise. "The system has a direct and quantifiable impact on the environment by interrupting the solid waste stream and diverting waste from landfills."


RED BOX gets greener


In a drive to cut its carbon footprint, UK dealer RED BOX has replaced a large proportion of its fleet with Mercedes Benz Sprinter ECO-Start vehicles. The dealer claims these vans will help decrease emissions through the use of ‘ECO-Start’engines. When the vehicle stops in traffic the engine automatically cuts-out, meaning fuel is only being used when the van is on the move.


This is estimated to cut fuel consumption by 10 percent meaning less pollution in the atmosphere.


RED BOX’s Tracey Campbell, Operations Director, explained that the company considered a number of options, including Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicles, electric vehicles, petrol-electric hybrid vehicles and biofuels, before settling on ECO-Start.


"We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. The largest contributor to our carbon footprint comes from our fleet of vans, so we’ve been proactive when it comes to looking at the alternatives," said Campbell. "We trialed Modec’s electric van when it first became available but were unhappy with the overall reliability. The ECO-Start vehicle supports our environmental policy as well as delivering on performance."


CSR shorts…


Depot releases 2010 CSR report


Office Depot has published its 2010 Corporate Citizenship Report.


The report states that in 2009 Office Depot lowered its waste expenditures by around $1million. During the same period it also reduced electricity usage and expenses as well as its overall carbon footprint by 11 percent. Depot also helped customers recycle 73 percent more material than last year.


For the first time, the report also includes Depot’s 2012 goals. The report, which has been independently reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, is the fourth to be published by the firm.


"Our goal is that each one of Office Depot’s 41,000 associates around the globe exemplifies our commitment to corporate citizenship," said Steve Odland, CEO, Office Depot. "We are proud to highlight some of the real life stories behind our accomplishments, since it is each associate’s individual contribution that brings our corporate citizenship efforts to life."


Durable supports breast cancer charity


Durable is producing a range of limited edition pink products for the UK market in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.


The company will donate 10 percent of the purchase price of its pink products to the charity Breast Cancer Campaign.


Durable says that the transition of normal products to pink Breast Cancer Campaign products started during September and customers just need to order as normal to receive the pink products.


Stewart Anderson, VP of Marketing at Durable said: "We are delighted to be working with such a worthy charity. There are over 1.1 million new cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year which shows how important the money we raise is. We are urging customers to show their support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by selling the limited edition Durable pink products; we have teasers, promotions, web banners and a PowerPoint presentation available to help encourage consumers to buy."


Green in Action – Alpha International


A new series of mini case studies begins with Alpha International, one of Europe’s leading EOS suppliers.


Alpha International attained both ISO 9001 and 14001 in 2009, but in the increasingly competitive and regulated world of EOS supply, the distributor continues to address its environmental impact. Most of the distributor’s customers demand that their suppliers are compliant with their environmental requirements, and a great deal of effort has been put into making sure its operation and those of its own suppliers are as green as possible. Every facet of its supply chain has been stripped bare, from its recently upgraded truck fleet to ensuring that it only uses forwarders with ISO certification for its operation. Closer to home, the temperature of its European warehouse has been reduced by 2 degrees C.