Editors comment


A big thank you

It’s not often someone posts an errata 19 years after the original mistake, but then it’s not often that a magazine reaches such a substantial and significant milestone as its 200th issue.

Before I come to that, I’ll just mention a conversation that has inspired me to do it.

I was called into account this month by a reader that suggested that I had played down the strides that one particular sector had made in recent years. As he challenged me on what I had written, I challenged him to write a Personal View for this issue addressing how the industry could tackle the bug bear of innovation. Within 48 working hours it was sitting in my inbox (read Hugh Darcy’s article on page 64).

While it adds something new to the debate, it also made me realise what I needed to say in this month’s Editor’s Comment and change something that was written way back in OPI’s first issue.

"It has been often said that one of the real hallmarks of long term success is the recognition, and management, of change. Few industries have been forced to deal with change as swift and radical as that occurring in office products over the last few years. It has also been said that we learn by mistakes and that we learn from history.

"With economic globalisation, we are also able to learn form the experiences of foreign markets. Sufficient synergies exist between, for example, the US and the UK in office products to monitor change in one market and adapt in another. We can learn from each other. The question is, is the desire there? Our answer – the answer is: Office Products International!"

Those words were written 199 issues ago and I think on behalf of all those many people that have contributed to OPI over the years since, I’d like to issue the following errata.

In issue #1 of OPI magazine, it was stated: "Our answer – the answer is: Office Products International!" In the 199 proceeding issues it has become clear that, while OPI continues to serve the international community of office products, it is the readers, characters, and leaders of this industry that have proven time and again that is they that have the desire and commitment to shape this great industry. For allowing us to share your diligence and dedication for 200 issues, all of us at OPI thank you.