Commitment to the environment


As one of the world’s leading eco-pioneers, HP explains how they can support printing and imaging customers to reduce their impact on the environment.
Environmental responsibility is a growing topic of conversation in business. Companies of all sizes are setting standards for environmental participation and procurement. As a result, suppliers are taking notice, designing and positioning their products to meet the up-tick in market demands. For a few companies, this renewed interest allows them to talk about products and programmes that have been in development for decades. HP has taken a leadership role in both technology and environmental consciousness, helping printing and imaging customers reduce their impact on the environment.
Chosen as one of Fortune magazine’s "Ten Green Giants" in April 2007, HP is one of the few companies in the technology space that has the size, scope, and experience to make a significant difference for its customers and for the environment. With its innovative environmental programmes, HP helps its business customers of all sizes save money, resources, and make a measurable difference for people and the planet. In 2007, HP met its goal to recycle 1 billion lbs of electronics!
Even small changes make an impact. For example, HP suggests printing on both sides of paper whenever possible, and making sure that your office has an easy system for recycling paper and other re-usable resources. Also businesses can save up to 66 percent of their electronics hardware energy consumption by turning them off when not in use. And, don’t forget to look for efficient ENERGY STAR products; HP offers energy-efficient computers and printing products that qualify.
Conserving with every step
HP’s Design for the Environment initiative is helping to reduce the amount of energy, paper, packaging and materials at every stage of the product lifecycle. Consideration for environmental impact goes beyond HP manufacturing, cartridge return and recycling programmes. HP products are designed to work well with paper made from recycled content, giving customers another easy way to reduce their use of natural resources.


By creating energy-efficient solutions, HP customers can:
• Save power automatically with built-in "energy intelligence"
• Reduce waste with reliable products and efficient workflows
• Simplify the management and disposal of products so that some value is recovered at the end of their use.
Decades of recycling
HP started its recycling programmes 20 years ago, and now there are more than 50 countries, regions and territories that participate. The cornerstone of HP’s success is its Planet Partners programme. Through HP Planet Partners, customers can easily return their used print cartridges for recycling. The programme is free and consumers of all types can participate. Here is how it works:
• Buy a new HP inkjet or LaserJet print cartridge
• Check inside cartridge boxes for a free postage-paid envelope – the pre-addressed envelopes are provided in many HP print cartridge boxes
• Mail your used cartridges back by following the instructions on the pre-paid envelope.
If you did not find a postage-paid envelope inside your supplies box, you may also order the envelopes online at or visit the website and print them at home
If you have many cartridges to return at once, you may request a free bulk collection box or pallet pick up from
At any time during the process, or if you’d like more information, you may speak to a Planet Partners representative by calling +1 800 340 2445.
Since the programme began, more than 143 million HP LaserJet and HP inkjet print cartridges have been returned and recycled worldwide – that’s a total of 260 million lbs! In 2006 alone, more than 30 million HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges were returned worldwide for recycling through Planet Partners.
The plastics and metals from returned and recycled HP print cartridges are used to make a range of everyday products such as automotive parts, microchip processing trays and shoe soles. HP print cartridges returned through the Planet Partners programme are never sent to a landfill.
Longer life, better performance
When you buy Original HP LaserJet or inkjet print cartridges, you’re purchasing the very best ink you can for your printer, as well as supporting one of the most widely recognised commercial and consumer environmental programmes in the industry. Only HP sells new inkjet and toner print cartridges for HP printers. Original HP cartridges are never refilled, resold, or sent to a landfill. Other companies that sell remanufactured or compatible cartridges don’t make this pledge, as many of their cartridges end up in landfills.
Remanufacturers and refillers often claim that reusing print cartridges is good for the environment. But to understand the full environmental impact of a print cartridge, you need to know what happens before and after it is used. In a Gartner report from 2007, Frederico de Silva said: "While the use of remanufactured supplies can reduce initial acquisition costs and prevent cartridges [from] going to landfills, organisations must understand that many remanufacturers do not have proper disposal practices, and their efforts may not be environmentally sound."
InfoTrends estimates that 16 percent of toner cartridges and 36 percent of inkjet cartridges collected by remanufacturers cannot be profitably remanufactured. Additionally, 90 percent of toner cartridges aren’t even collected for recycling and almost no inkjet cartridges are recycled if they cannot be used again.
Unfortunately, many commercial users may end up throwing away a non-HP cartridge before it even gets used. In reliability tests done by one of the world’s leading quality assurance organisations, QualityLogic, 80.1 percent of all colour remanufactured toner cartridges had reliability problems and nearly one of six colour remanufactured toner cartridges tested was dead on arrival or failed prematurely, compared to less than 2 percent of Original HP cartridges.1
The same goes for inkjet cartridges. They are advertised as being environmentally friendly and less expensive, but actually refilled cartridges often end up costing more in the long run – both out of your pocket and for the planet. When you add up the unusable smudged pages and the necessary reprints (resources you could have saved) plus the wasted time and frustration to employees, the difference is clear.
When you buy Original HP cartridges, you know you’re getting a fresh, unused cartridge every time – one designed as part of the productive, efficient printing system purchased to keep business running smoothly.
QualityLogic also tested the performance of Original HP inkjet print cartridges versus remanufactured (generic, store or refill) brands. Original HP inkjet print cartridges produced up to 50 percent more pages than the refill brands. The refilled inkjet cartridges had a better than 25 percent (1 in 4) chance of being dead on arrival or failing prematurely. The HP cartridges tested performed impressively, with a 0 percent rate of failure.2


Improved packaging, lower impact
By redesigning the printer cartridge packaging for North America, HP will reduce greenhouse emissions by an estimated 37 million lbs in one year. That’s the equivalent of taking 3,600 cars off the road in one year.
The manufacturing, distribution, and reclamation of products are reviewed for their environmental impact. In the past eighteen months, three significant changes contributed to improving HP’s environmental position:
• HP’s inkjet multi-packs are now packaged in recycled content paperboard, use less packaging material and take up less space on retail shelves
• HP inkjet cartridge photo value packs are now packaged completely in recycled content paperboard instead of PVC plastic
• HP’s LaserJet cartridge packaging now uses approximately 45 percent less material, which means 30 percent more cartridges can be shipped on one pallet (1,500 more cartridges in one ocean container).
Beyond cartridges
Given the nature of technology, there’s a recognised need to recycle outdated hardware such as printers, computers and hand-held PDAs. HP is proud to offer options such as trade-in, return for cash, recycling and donations ( for customers to dispose of their old computer equipment. HP’s state-of-the-art recycling process ensures that your unwanted hardware is recycled in a way that protects the environment and conserves resources.
If a business is ready to upgrade before its equipment is at the end of its life, HP and participating reselling partners can often offer trade-in or cash incentives toward new, efficient, ENERGY STAR compliant hardware or help you donate your used equipment.
A simple approach for all
Whether you are an individual consumer or part of a large corporation, printing system leaders like HP focus on simplifying technology experiences and helping all of its customers become environmental stewards. Return and recycling programmes, and hardware features such as sleep modes, ENERGY STAR certification and efficient printing systems make it easy for businesses of all sizes to be more environmentally friendly. HP’s innovations help each consumer reduce their environmental footprint so that, when multiplied by millions, there is significant progress for the planet and for its citizens.
Useful terms
Original HP print cartridge: A new, fresh, reliable, guaranteed cartridge filled with durable, vibrant HP ink or crisp, clear, professional HP toner.
Second-hand print cartridge: A used cartridge that has been refilled with ink or toner and repackaged. Also known as store brand, generic, refill or remanufactured. Only HP makes the new Original HP cartridges designed together with HP printers to give you the brilliant, durable, quality results you expect.
As if helping the planet isn’t enough of a reason to recycle your HP inkjet and LaserJet print cartridges, there’s an additional incentive: the PurchasEdge programme. HP PurchasEdge members are also eligible to participate in HP PurchasEdge points for our recycling programme.
As a PurchasEdge member, you’ll earn points by making qualifying purchases of HP office supplies, including HP LaserJet, inkjet, media and storage supplies. And you can also receive points by recycling HP products and supplies. The more your recycle, the more you earn.
You can redeem your points from a range of more than 300 of the latest HP products, such as LaserJet and OfficeJet printers, scanners, PDAs and digital cameras – all for free.
Participating in PurchasEdge is another way you can do your part in preserving the planet. To learn more about the programme and to sign up online, go to or call +1 888 264 6599.
HP’s history of environmental stewardship
HP’s commitment to the planet is nothing new. The company’s legacy of environmental responsibility started long before it was hip to be green.
1987 Product recycling launched.
1991 Planet Partners LaserJet print cartridge recycling started.
1991 First environmental report published.
1992 Product Design for Environment (DfE) programme launched.
1997 Planet Partners inkjet print cartridge recycling begins.
2002 Supply Chain Code of Conduct released.
2006 Dynamic Smart Cooling launched, significantly reducing data centre energy use.
2006 PVC eliminated in new packaging designs.
2006 International climate change initiative launched with World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
2007 Goal of recycling 1 billion lbs of computer hardware and print supplies is reached.
1 Based on average results of brands tested in the 2005 Toner Cartridge Reliability Comparison Study by QualityLogic and commissioned by HP. Testing performed on the colour toner cartridges for the HP Color LaserJet 4650 (Q3558A) printer. Individual results may vary. See for full details.
2 Based on an April 2007 Cartridge Reliability Study by QualityLogic and commissioned by HP. Testing performed on HP 96, 97, 56, and 57 Inkjet Print Cartridges. Individual results may vary. See for full details.