Organisers happy with CES attendance


Quality before quantity of visitors gamble has paid off claim organisers


Less was definitely more claimed the organisers of the 2009 CES show which was held in Las Vegas in January.


According to preliminary figures, around 110,000 visitors attended the 4-day event, down from almost 140,000 last year. However the organisers, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), say they are happy with the moves they made to restrict the number of visitors attending this year.


The CEA had introduced a $100 registration fee for visitors who registered after 31 October in an effort to maintain visitor quality.


It is a move which has apparently paid off. The CEA says that at its meeting during the show, its 45 board members wanted the CEA to strive to keep future attendance to 2009 levels.


"Our board concluded that it is essential to have the right people attend CES," said CEA CEO Gary Shapiro.
"Board members reported getting more business done this year than at any prior show. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to exhibitors and attendees conducting business at CES."


The 2009 CES featured more than 2,700 exhibitors from around 140 countries.


New trends unveiled at the 2009 CES that may shape the future of consumer electronics, included 3D HDTV, advances, green technologies, Internet TV and digital entertainment.