Big Buyer



‘Made in Italy’ push at Big Buyer


A cast of thousands turns up for the Italian trade show


Quality and style were the main selling points for the ‘Made in Italy’ theme which was introduced at this year’s Big Buyer Italian trade show held at the end of November. Qualifying exhibitors were identified by a special logo on their booths and featured in a separate publication entitled Italian Style.


As part of the theme, the organisers, Edinova, had conducted a major campaign to attract more foreign buyers from countries such as India, Turkey, Hungary, Poland and Belgium.


The conference and educational programme – organised by local trade association AIFU – has always been one of the event’s strong points and 2008 was no exception. This year, the main theme of a full programme was the environment and featured presentations by BPGI’s CEO Jim Preston and Office Depot Europe’s Manager for Environmental Strategy and Marketing, Marcel Jacobs.


Overall, exhibitor numbers were stable at around 200 and almost 5,500 visitors attended the three-day event.