Name: Corne’ Rutherford


Job Title: Sales and Channel Manager


Company: Red Cheetah


Your first full-time job?


I was an Au pair in America for a year after finishing my degree in South Africa.


Who is the industry figure you most admire? Krista Moore, CEO of K Coaching. She is a great leader and executive coach who always strives for excellence when working with her clients


What’s been your most embarrassing industry-related experience? I spilled coffee all over me while travelling with the president and other executives while on our way to visit a customer. It was an one day trip and I did not have an extra outfit. I managed to get some of the coffee damage out before we landed.


Your greatest strength? Building strong, lasting relationships. Connecting with people on a variety of levels.


Your biggest achievement? I consulted and trained over 100 independent dealers on a state-of-the-art analytical software tool, nationwide and in person, in less than 18 months.


What has been the most memorable travel experience you’ve had during your time in the OP industry? Spending 18 hours in Houston Airport after travelling for several days. Our flight was delayed and then cancelled. Had to sleep the night on the airport floor – I was NOT a happy camper.


What’s your favourite event on the OP circuit? The SP Richards Advantage Business Conference. Great entertainment, great general sessions and great trade show


What’s yout favourite office product? Any pink breast cancer awareness product.


What business/management book would you recommend as essential reading? Good to Great by Jim Collins.


What was your first car? A silver 1976 Mazda 323. Stick shift, no air conditioning and no heat.


Your favourite holiday destination? Hermanus, South Africa


Have you got a claim to fame? I was on the cover of the OPI special publication dedicated to SP Richards Company’s 150th anniversary in 2001.


If you had to sing at karaoke next weekend, which song would you choose and why? Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. I love every thing about this song. It tells a story with passion and makes you want to sing it out loud.


Do you have any interesting or unusual hobbies, collections, etc? I collect fridge magnets of places I visit. They are, however, not on my fridge.


Have you ever done anything dangerous or daring? Yes! Great White Shark diving and paragliding in South Africa.


What is mankind’s greatest invention? Aeroplanes. I can’t imagine seeing so much of the world without the luxury of flying.


If you weren’t doing your present job, what job would you like to be doing? Teaching yoga or pilates on a beach somewhere beautiful