Names: Mary Catherine Kennedy Sigman and Charlie Kennedy
Job Titles: President and VP of Sales, respectively
Company: Kennedy Office

Describe what you do in less than 20 words.
Mary: Observe, negotiate, monitor, tweak, coach, promote, encourage, entertain, communicate, evaluate, analyse, measure, nurture, praise, acknowledge, facilitate, and interpret.
Charlie: Direct our sales team, and sometimes let the tail wag the dog.

The worst job you’ve ever had? Charlie: Some days…this one.

If you weren’t doing your present job, what would you be doing?
Mary: Owning and operating a working dude ranch in Wyoming.

The industry figure you most admire and why?
Charlie: Jimmy Godwin, FSI Office. Though I don’t really know Mr Godwin I know that he has built a terrific company with a personal faith and philosophy that I could learn a lot from.

What would you like to be doing in five years’ time?
Mary: I love this business and God willing will still promote products for Kennedy Office in five years.

The most influential company in the OP industry?
Charlie: Staples – when you are the biggest and baddest kid on the block, you get to call ALL the shots. (Notice I didn’t say they were the best.)

Your favourite holiday destination? Charlie: Anywhere my wife and kids can join me. They make things fun.
What do you like best about the OP industry?
Charlie: There are no limits to what we can do. We can sell just about anything that the office needs, and there are bunches of offices out there.
Mary: I love the people that make up the community of our industry.

Your favourite office product? Mary: Sticky notes in all sizes, shapes and colours.
Charlie: Any product that someone will buy from me.

Your first vehicle/car?
Mary: A 1967 swimming pool blue convertible Ford Mustang – hot!
Charlie: Mary’s hand-me-down Honda Civic hatchback. Way cooler than a convertible Mustang.

Things that make you angry? Mary: Speaking to someone who doesn’t acknowledge you in some way. Drivers that don’t change lanes for merging traffic are also despicable. Ambulance-chasing attorneys should be exterminated.

If you can change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Charlie: Punctuality and height. Six foot four would be preferred.
Your first vehicle/car?
Mary: A 1967 swimming pool blue convertible Ford Mustang – hot!