Amazon bites…

In the US, as many as 57% of business products buyers have purchased core office supplies items from Amazon in the past 12 months; in the UK 45% have done so.


These are just two of the key findings from Swimming With Piranha, two new market research reports published today by OPI and Martin Wilde Associates which investigate the use of Amazon for business products purchasing in the US and the UK.

These two 100-page reports include some surprising findings about how buyer age and company size affect the use of Amazon for OP sourcing and explain why these buyers choose to – and choose not to – buy these items from Amazon, both now and in the future.

The reports, which are derived from extensive interviews with 800 B2B buyers, also offer key advice for both OP resellers and vendors on how to best respond to the internet giant’s extraordinary progress in this industry to date.

The two Swimming With Piranha reports are available now.

London (UK)