Sponsored Profile: edding

An organisation with sustainability at its very core, German manufacturer edding makes further progress in its green journey.


At edding, sustainable business practices have nothing to do with the latest green fads or trends – they have been an integral part of the company’s philosophy right from the beginning. 

Based in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg in the north of Germany, edding is a medium-sized enterprise that operates globally. As such, it is very much aware of its responsibility towards the environment which is why it consistently uses recycled materials and renewable resources for its EcoLine series of markers. 

Indeed, edding has been using predominantly post-consumer recycled materials since the beginning of 2016. 

R&D progress

This process of incorporating post-consumer recycled materials into the production process began last year and was the result of ongoing R&D at the manufacturer. Post-consumer plastics are obtained from plastic waste derived from both households and industry. Ongoing developments at edding have resulted in 83% of the total plastic parts used in permanent, whiteboard and flipchart markers in the edding EcoLine range now being made from post-consumer plastics. 90% of the total plastic used is made from recycled material. 

As well as using sustainable materials, the company is also reducing its consumption of virgin material, thereby avoiding up to 83 tonnes of C02 emissions every year. 

Successful new launch

In response to customer demand and in line with the progress made with post-consumer plastics, edding introduced its new fine-nibbed edding 25 EcoLine permanent marker at the beginning of 2016. This marker is ideal for writing, marking and labelling on almost any surface, and its fine nib is excellent for producing precise lines. 

The ‘green’ marker is available in four different colours and, as with all other EcoLine products, is supplied in environmentally-friendly packaging that is made entirely of cardboard. With numerous listings already secured after less than a year, edding is confident about the success of this new product.

Also available is the edding 24 EcoLine highlighter, made predominantly from renewable resources and with the same trusted edding quality. This eco-friendly classic, with its 2-5 mm chisel tip and water-based ink in a range of brilliant neon colours, is ideal for marking and highlighting passages of text.

Green Brand Seal award

In 2015, EcoLine was the only marker series to be honoured with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL. In late 2016, this was extended for a further 12 months. The GREEN BRANDS organisation recognises brand commitment to climate protection, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

In addition, edding has been awarded another prestigious prize in Germany – the Sustainable Brand of the Year award by the German Design Council. This award is given by an independent jury of brand experts from industry, higher education, brand agencies, consultancies and the media. Edding was singled out as a strong brand, in particular for its combination of design, product quality, innovative spirit and sustainable business practices.