Adhesives products supplier tesa is continuously working to improve product sustainability in its range. The use of recycled and bio-based materials in all tesa products is planned to be increased to 70% by 2030, while the use of non-recycled fossil-based plastics will be reduced by half.

In line with this strategy, tesa are introducing tesafilm Eco&Crystal and tesapack Eco&Ultra Strong. tesafilm Eco&Crystal is made from 90% recycled PET and a water-based acrylic adhesive. The tape is not only more sustainable due to its high percentage of recycled material in the backing, but also stands out for its high tensile strength, durability, and crystal-clear appearance. Not only has the tesafilm range become more sustainable with the launch of tesafilm, but the related product line of Packaging Tapes Eco&Ultra Strong also emphasises its sustainable focus.

PET-based film backings have been available in the tesapack range since 2022. In 2023, the tesapack eco&ultra strong range was expanded to include a brown option. This packaging tape is also based on a backing material with 70% recycled PET. The tapes are certified according to the INGEDE Method 12 and can be disposed of with the cardboard without disrupting the recycling process.