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DAHLE's CleanTEC® series of document shredders are the perfect solution for the many challenges of the modern office...

Long gone are the days when the work schedule at a German office was relaxed. For many, perennially ringing phones, emails by the minute and meetings stretching over hours are now a daily occurrence. At the same time, it is all the more important to sustain a smooth workflow.

Here is where smart office technology plays a key role. Smoothly functioning office devices like printers, copiers and shredders that take care of the practical details significantly help employees to efficiently do their job. And no one is more attuned to that necessity than Dahle. An expert in office systems, the company has never lost sight of the end users’ needs when designing its products. 

Manufacturers and speciality retailers are all confronted with the question of how modern office technology can help to navigate the daily hustle and bustle, especially bearing in mind that today’s office environment is faced with an entirely different set of challenges than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

In addition to an increased workload, today’s problems also include data theft and particulate matter pollution in the office. In order to generate effective solutions for these diverse challenges and to build the appropriate systems for specialised dealers that address them, Dahle has focused on developing an ideal all-rounder: the DAHLE series CleanTEC® document shredders.  

Of late, the topic of particulate matter has captured the attention of office systems experts because people are increasingly realising that particulate matter is a problem not just in busy and congested urban areas, but that it has even invaded interior office spaces, including shredders and other office devices. In other words, spaces where most people spend a large proportion of their lives.

It is hard to imagine that its existence can neither be seen nor felt, but particulate matter is real and with every breath it passes through the throat into our respiratory tracts. That, in turn, could result in nasty allergies and severe respiratory diseases.

Reducing emissions

Particulate matter stickers are currently being tested in urban areas in order to curtail emissions. Dahle specifically has been successful with reducing particulate matter emitted in office areas. DAHLE CleanTEC® series shredders are equipped with a unique fine dust filter system. More than 98% of all fine particles are absorbed directly at source and permanently bound in a special filter. As established by Germany’s certification authority TÜV Nord, this leads to significant reduction in the spread of particulate matter and thereby contributes to a healthier work environment.

 Data security is a prominent issue when it comes to document shredding. Dealers must first clarify with their customers which type of documents need to be shredded. Since the requirements in every office environment are different, Dahle has installed various security levels on the DAHLE CleanTEC® series shredder: ranging from P-2 for internal documents to P-7 for secret military documents.

As a result of more intense workloads in recent years, users have typically had less time to familiarise themselves with and handle complicated office devices. Paper jams or annoying oil replenishing, for example, can become a real nuisance.

Dahle Safe Technology is the answer. An integrated automatic oiler allows the regular servicing of cross-cut cutting rolls, while an acoustic automatic switch-off immediately stops the motor whenever necessary. Lastly, a feature that measures paper quantity is designed to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Which model?

Ultimately, the only question the end user needs to worry about is which model to buy: the ‘comfortable’ model with comprehensive fittings and an integrated particulate matter filter or a basic model from the BaseCLASS series.

The appropriate Dahle document shredder allows every workday to be productive.