Green Thinking 2014

    Welcome to our 2014 Green Thinking supplement which once again champions some of the star performers in the business supplies industry in terms of their environmental, sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives.


    You may notice a slightly different look about this year’s issue – that’s because we’ve tried to play our own small part by mostly using the new Ryman Eco font that was introduced earlier this year. Described as the ‘world’s most sustainable font’, Ryman Eco claims to use an average 33% less ink than a suite of standard fonts.

    If you want to try this font at home or in the office to see if it really does cut down on your ink consumption, just type ‘Ryman Eco font’ into your favourite search engine and you’ll be able to find a download link. But don’t plan on being able to print in bold!

    As paper (and ink) usage drops due to the digitisation of the workplace, B2B resellers are looking for new categories to exploit, and facilities management is certainly one of those. Here, too, a focus on the environment can bring its rewards and we have two interesting articles – on LED lighting (page 32) and green jan/san (page 36) – that highlight the opportunities that are out there for progressive resellers.


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