Editor’s comment

We're multichannel too!


As we go to press this month, a couple of interesting stories are developing on both sides of the Atlantic. You won’t be able to read about them in this magazine, but by the time this issue lands on your desk you might already have got all the details from opi.net. Keep an eye on our website, by the way, because we’ve got some big changes coming up.

I’d also encourage you to join our LinkedIn group if you haven’t done so already – just type ‘Office Products International networking group’ in your favourite search engine (I’d avoid simply ‘OPI’ unless you also have a penchant for a particular brand of nail varnish!). As I write, there’s an interesting exchange taking place on the subject of Staples’ recent rebranding.

March is going to be a busy month for us, with our first OPI Partnership event taking place in Amsterdam as well as our 2014 European Office Products Awards. We’ll also be visiting the Ed Expo educational products show in Dallas, Texas, and will be reporting back on that in the April issue of OPI.

Luckily, with all these things going on, reinforcements have arrived at the editorial team in the form of our new Deputy Editor Alex Wellman. Please join me in welcoming Alex to the OP industry and try to be nice to him if you get a call or email from him!