Advertorial: Unleashing worklife potential

Staying in motion


Into its 106th year, Fellowes continues to set its sights on the future. Its 2023 campaign ‘Unleashing What’s Next’ reveals where the company has concentrated throughout the pandemic and sets the stage for new product launches and brand extensions. Here are a few of the developments for the brand this year.

US manufactured high security 

Fellowes’ next generation of NSA security shredders will be manufactured in its Chicagoland headquarters in Itasca. The new products are an extension of Fellowes’ 400 Series models and will expand its BAA and TAA compliant shredder line-up. The Powershred 425HS will leverage new manufacturing capabilities and also contain proprietary features like jam-proof and auto-oiling technologies.

Array air quality management system

Fellowes’ next generation of commercial air purification, Array, features new technology which makes it the world’s most advanced networked air purification system. Leveraging EnviroSmart+ Technology with LTE connectivity, Array sensors measure the presence of PM2.5, voes, and CO2 in the air and shares that information between units.

The system then adjusts its performance, responding to real-time conditions. Array Viewpoint'” dashboard collects all the data across the network and reports conditions, improvements and needs to ensure the healthiest environment possible. Designed to seamlessly fit into any environment, the range features units that accommodate both drop or open ceiling formats.

Full line of staplers

This year, Fellowes will more than double its award-winning stapling portfolio. Designed to reduce noise, effort, and frustration, the expanded range will feature Microban technology and innovative designs like the new dual-mode electric stapler.

Fellowes will roll out an expanded product offering and brand refresh throughout 2023, including a new website. The new site brings together a more comprehensive representation of the Fellowes company, which has added a number of brands in recent years. Counter to current trends, Fellowes has decided to remove end-user purchasing capabilities on all non-replenishment products on the new site.

Partner portal

The next generation of Fellowes Partner Portal will be introduced throughout the next year. Looking to improve the customer experience, the enhanced user interface allows greater visibility into relevant data, access to more content, and features new selling and partnership-oriented tools.

EARTH program

In 2021, Fellowes introduced an enhanced sustainability program supported by a dedicated team. The new EARTH program is focused on creating a more comprehensive CDP database and reporting system; company processes have also been adjusted to increase focus on environmental considerations. Fellowes’ 2023 Sustainability Report highlights progress and goals that are on the horizon for the company in future years.

GIVE program

Fellowes’ charitable effort GIVE is a founding partner in a new sports and educational center in the inner city of Chicago. Opening this past March, the new By The Hand Club for Kids center is located on a 10-acre property in North Austin where it will serve local children in an after-school program. The sports program, sponsored by the Chicago Fire and home of the Jason Heyward Baseball Academy, will provide access and training for under-resourced, promising local talent.

Fellowes Design and Experience Showroom

Opening this June, Fellowes has combined its two showrooms in downtown Chicago into one new state-of-the-art experience center. The new center was designed to provide a venue for customer engagement, end-user projects, industry education and events, training, and includes a working office for Chicago-based employees.

Within the 12,000 sq ft showroom, specialized rooms include a ‘design kitchen’ materials room, product lab, air quality. solution room, training room, along with social and working spaces. Throughout the space, virtual capabilities have been designed to facilitate collaboration for those who are not able to be at the showroom in person. Fellowes partners are welcome to visit by appointment through contacting their Fellowes representatives. 

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