Event: OPI Partnership 2023 preview

Facilitating growth.


For the ninth time, resellers and manufacturers from across Europe will have the chance to get together for OPI Partnership, the annual ‘top–to-top’ strategic networking event. The venue is once again the exclusive Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the date 12-14 March 2023.

The macro landscape remains difficult: COVID has become a manageable fact of life, but soaring inflation, unprecedented challenges around energy costs and an ongoing war paint a dark picture. 

For organisations in the workplace supplies industry, growth – and how to generate it – is top of the agenda. And opportunities remain for operators across all channels. Sales of existing or new products – through different verticals or into new end consumers – are key. OPI Partnership facilitates this in a unique way. 

The personal touch

Where else do approximately 60 of Europe’s finest and most progressive companies come together for back-to-back strategic, confidential one-hour meetings that would typically take months to organise and, logistically, cost a fortune? Zoom and Teams are great and have become part and parcel of doing business, but they are not ideally suited to ‘branching out’, creating new or cementing existing relationships. 

That’s the real power of this event – face-to-face, direct contact with senior executives and business partners in an efficiently time-managed way. Then there’s the invaluable networking in the coffee breaks, over breakfast or lunch, and during the culinary and entertaining evening functions (see also 2023 European Office Products Awards, below). Whether attendees strike up conversations with vendors or resellers they’ve never dealt with before, or reignite relationships over a cup of coffee or glass of wine – the ease of connecting is always rated highly in the feedback OPI receives. 

30% of attendees – from across the channels – are new this year due to the popularity of this senior-level strategic gathering

Providing a service

This year, Partnership delegates will also have the chance to talk to a selection of service providers and learn about how they can make their business operate more efficiently, venture into new verticals and geographical territories, and maximise their growth potential. 

Partnership Expo – kept small to maintain quality and avoid overload – will run throughout the two days of scheduled meetings in the general networking area and is intended as a ‘drop in’ education and training opportunity for both resellers and vendors.

Chris Exner, OPI’s Chief Commercial Officer, comments: “Partnership is an event that remains an absolute must-have in our sector. This year, the line-up of resellers and manufacturers is quite simply the best we’ve ever had, with the key companies from all over Europe expected to be present. Better even, 30% of attendees – from across the channels – are new this year due to the popularity of this senior-level strategic gathering and its ongoing business-boosting takeaways. 

“This time, we’re adding extra value through our Partnership Expo which will hopefully become a regular and in-demand feature.”

2023 European Office Products Awards

The European Office Products Awards (EOPA) will once again be part of the Partnership schedule, recognising the most exceptional products, companies and people in our industry. All EOPA winners will be announced during a special celebration dinner after the first full day of meetings on 13 March. 

To find out more about the EOPA and book your place – OPI Partnership delegates are automatically enrolled – contact Lisa Haywood at lisa.haywood@opi.net or go to opi.net/eopa2023