Comment July/August 2022

If it’s broke, fix it!


Since the last issue of OPI, we’ve had the Global Forum, we’ve had NeoCon – both held in Chicago – and we’ve had the rather uninspiring news that, after all, nothing is really going to change at The ODP Corporation. Business as usual, no big deal announcement. 

You can’t help but think this will not be the end, however. ODP might not be broken (up), but all the ongoing reorganisation and realignment doesn’t inspire too much confidence, it has to be said.

In the wider industry, there are many other issues which need to be addressed, of course – some more worrying than others. Several were highlighted at the aforementioned OPI Global Forum which took place in late May. From serious identity concerns and seemingly crippling macroeconomic challenges to dealing both with changing customer and evolving employee expectations – it’s a veritable melting pot of topics today’s leaders are facing. And I’m not even talking about the underlying niggles and quibbles smouldering under the surface, many of which came to the fore at the conference.

Product availability, data, content, pricing and rebates are just some words thrown in the mix that are seriously rattling cages in the vendor, dealer and tech communities.

OPI is planning to address all of them with in-depth coverage over the coming months – starting with our Technology Solutions Special Issue in September. It appears the time to rightsize and get rid of some legacy procedures has well and truly come and judging by the feedback from OPI Global Forum delegates, there’s a huge amount of goodwill and collaborative spirit to make it happen.

Back to this issue of OPI, I’d like to finish on a really positive note. As you’ll see, our Big Interview this time is with Elina Pienimäki, CEO of Nordics reseller Wulff. Not only was it fantastic to chat with Elina and get a real insight into this operator, but I also want to highlight the fact it’s the first time ever in OPI’s history we’ve had two female leaders back to back as our Big Interview – and I’m extremely happy about that.

As Michelle Sturman explains through many research studies, diversity, equity and inclusion make not only societal, but also business sense. Enough said.