Event: OPI Partnership 2020

Speed dating at its best.


To quote Benjamin Franklin (and many thereafter): “Time is money.” And it certainly is for senior executives from all channels in our industry who, in these challenging times, are constantly bombarded by many demands. From day-to-day and short-term operational issues to long-term strategic plans, there’s simply no time for operators to jet around the world and have meaningful and fruitful discussions with their partners and customers.

So why not just come together in one beautiful and geographically convenient place in Europe – the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam – and conduct the business that would usually take weeks in a fraction of the time? Welcome to OPI Partnership!

This event, launched in 2014 and this year held from 8-10 March, has a proven track record and provides excellent value for all participants (see ‘What the delegates say…’). Partnership is where about 25 of Europe’s leading vendors converge in one location, ready to meet over 30 of their most important reseller and distributor partners – all in the space of two days.

The aim of Partnership is not to talk about the latest sales campaign, review product listings or day-to-day transactional activities; instead, the idea is to facilitate highly strategic discussions in a confidential, time-measured and well-organised setting. These discussions can either cement existing relationships or forge entirely new ones. Certainly with the need for resellers to expand into ever broader product areas, Partnership provides an opportunity to meet vendors – established as well as relatively new to our industry – that excel in those areas.

The focus is very much on quality meetings that yield results, as OPI’s Commercial Officer Chris Exner points out: “OPI Partnership is a unique event in the industry calendar. Where else do you have over 50 of Europe’s leading national and global operators, their CEOs and most senior executives from the manufacturing, reseller and wholesaler communities all under one roof? And they’re ready to do business – non-essential, peripheral chat is for the many informal networking breaks outside the top-to-top, meticulously scheduled meetings.

“Feedback tells us that the level and depth of the strategic dialogue is phenomenal while the return on time and money invested in the event is second to none. I am particularly excited about this year’s Partnership, as a considerable proportion of all participants will be new, thereby offering even better opportunities for attendees.”

As Exner says, not all the time is spent on focused, strategic talks in strictly timed slots. There are plenty of casual networking opportunities where delegates can catch up with their peers, not least during the annual European Office Products Awards Gala Dinner, which will be held on 9 March at the end of the first full day of OPI Partnership.

This year’s OPI Partnership is sold out. To get involved in this invitation-only event for 2021, contact Chris Exner at chris.exner@opi.net.

What the delegates say…

“The most efficient way of networking and discussing strategic matters of our industry. If you are serious about office products, you cannot afford to miss this event! A great investment of time” – Peter Damman, soft-carrier

“The event has a lot of value as it allows us to see some of the leading players in the industry in a very condensed period of time. We get to showcase new products and explore opportunities directly with the senior executives of our key customers” – James Webb, Fellowes Brands

OPI Partnership is a great way of spending a couple of days getting off the ‘business as usual’ treadmill to hold strategic meetings with senior execs from the supplier base” – Isabel Spence, Banner Group

“This event has been helpful to meet, in a speed dating way, a lot of suppliers. It enabled us to address many different strategic issues in a positive way. Really fruitful!” – Eric Boudet, Bruneau