Advertorial: Sigel

Changes are afoot at SIGEL as the company presents its relaunched strategic corporate identity, including a new brand and a range of product solutions that will be introduced at Paperworld.


German OP manufacturer SIGEL has been through an intense journey, during which it has completely restructured the company’s direction. Its ‘Next’ strategy is geared towards sustainable success and growth, a direction that’s come about in direct response to the digital changes that are transforming the world of work.

As SIGEL Holding Managing Director Dr Joachim Roth says: “In the future, work will be more flexible, more team-based and more experimental. New, agile working methods will be an integral part of this. What’s more, companies are adapting their working environments to these changing forms of collaboration. We are well-prepared for these big developments here at SIGEL and have consistently realigned our company to the new requirements of tomorrow’s world of work.”

The importance of people

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, people play a more important role than ever. The motivation, creativity and productivity of staff, along with an inspirational working environment, gives companies a decisive, competitive edge. Based on a deep understanding of its customers’ needs, SIGEL has made it its goal to develop beautifully-designed solutions that will make work simpler, more pleasant and more successful.

In order to meet demand and further strengthen its innovative power, SIGEL has set up its own innovation hub in Munich, about 100 km from its headquarters in Mertingen in the south of Germany. “This is how we manage to combine our strengths as an established, successful family business with the knowledge, methods and thought processes of the new start-up culture,” explains Roth. Digital services and products play an increasingly important role in companies. SIGEL has already tapped into this demand and in 2017 launched Smartpro, a digital print portal that allows businesses to produce custom-printed material.

The SIGEL brand is depicted in a way that clearly reflects its new strategic direction. Says the company’s Head of Marketing Holger Ellerbrock: “Our new company logo contains a circular image that emphasises our aspiration to give impetus as waves of inspiration. The new mission statement ‘Work inspired’ also expresses our vision of better ways of working thanks to SIGEL.”

Paperworld launch

The first products reflecting the new company direction are being launched at Paperworld this year. Under the umbrella of its Work:mode category, SIGEL presents its meet-up agile board system, which is tailored to the requirements of modern working methods. Whiteboards and pinboards allow for spontaneous, hassle-free meetings, even when no specific rooms are available. They are sturdy and of high-quality, yet light and flexible to use, facilitating goal-oriented teamwork – anywhere and anytime. A wide range of accessories further supports creative work.

As part of its ‘Meet up’ concept, SIGEL continues on its path of creating innovative board solutions for collaborative work. The beautifully-designed range of Artverum magnetic glass boards, for example, has already established itself as highly successful for the inspirational exchange of ideas during meetings and projects as well as for teamwork.

Overall, the company’s Work:flow category stands for faster, simpler work processes. A good example for this is the aforementioned Smartpro. What makes this digital print portal special is that the tool is tailored towards each individual customer, precisely adapted to its processes and systems. This makes it easier for staff to work with standardised processes, saving the company time and money.

The latest development at SIGEL is part of its Work:space segment and solves a perennial problem in open plan offices: the increase in noise disturbance. The Sound Balance acoustic elements from its range are highly-effective sound absorbers and can be integrated into any room, flexibly and modularly. They are simple to install and irrespective of whether customers choose the wall panels or acoustic walls, SIGEL Sound Balance optimises sound levels, increases employees’ sense of well-being and contributes to higher motivation in the workplace.

The sale of these new products and services is supported by highly-effective marketing activities consistently geared towards the customer journey.

Future-proofing the business

As a result of its new strategic direction, SIGEL is becoming not only an integral part of the new work culture, but also its ambassador. Its innovative solutions help people and companies to achieve top levels of performance as well as making each individual’s work more valuable.

Roth reiterates the company’s strong impetus for change: “Ever since the company was founded in 1947, SIGEL has always reacted to trends at the right time and has never been afraid to take a new direction. With this new positioning as a solutions provider in the contemporary world of work, we are continuing our successful journey while at the same time setting in motion our company’s next important stage of development. With more than 70 years of experience and with the future clearly in our sights, we are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the digitisation of work to position ourselves even more strongly as an expert, innovative brand manufacturer in the years ahead.”