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What do you think of Staples’ new tagline
 ‘Make More Happen’


Tom Bersch, President of Veteran Toner Services

Staples and Quill have changed their taglines and now we shall see if it works. They need to sell more than office supplies to have any chance to overtake Amazon. The bigger question is the supply chain: can they really get these additional products [and] are they going to stock them? Staples is like every other distribution company: they need to have the inventory turn. What happens if they don’t get the 12-16 turns a year they need?


Raj Dwivedi, Small Business Consultant

They are trying to be like Amazon and FedEx, which already deliver integrated mission-critical computing and distribution services to both Fortune 1000 and small businesses, and like innovative regional competitors that deliver all kinds of overlapping solutions to the small business market. The difference is that Staples is trying to do this without the talent, willingness or resourcefulness of smaller regional competitors, FedEx or Amazon to execute better. It looks like another expensive folly that will lead to even more of their best talent jumping ship before the ship sinks.


Rusti Riggs, Sales Professional at Advantage Office Solutions

“You can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig.” It certainly is not a professional quote, but changing a company’s tagline does not change the company. For all the small office supply dealers out there – keep giving the best personal customer service you can. It is the only thing that separates us from the big box and online resellers. No tagline is necessary for that!


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