OPI Deep Dive Webinar Series – How to Monetise the Online Marketplace Opportunity

    • 8 June 2022
    • 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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    OPI Deep Dive Webinar Series – How to Monetise the Online Marketplace Opportunity

    12:00 am - 12:00 am
    8 June 2022


    OPI Deep Dive Webinar Series – How to Monetise the Online Marketplace Opportunity

    12:00 am - 12:00 am
    8 June 2022


    OPI Deep Dive Webinar Series – How to Monetise the Online Marketplace Opportunity.

    Learn how to capitalise on the rapidly growing online marketplace/platform business beyond Amazon via a series of five Masterclass webinars that will deliver unique and exclusive “how to” content.

    Co-hosted by OPI, TFE.Agency and several leading European online marketplaces such as OnBuy and Conrad, the sessions will explain in depth the crucial elements that are essential for success, including:

    • Marketplace strategies required to succeed with online marketplaces
    • Infrastructure and organisation needed to work with online platforms
    • Price Management disciplines to effectively boost sales and maintain price discipline
    • Supply chain and logistics competencies to secure a competitive advantage with online marketplaces
    • Optimisation of the value proposition to capitalise on the marketplace opportunity

    The package consists of 5 individual webinar classes, each 75 minutes in length. After each webinar, participants will receive an executive summary of the session, and profiles of key online marketplaces in the top 5 European markets will also be provided

    The investment required for all five sessions is just €495 (single sessions are €149).

    This is a must attend series of educational webinars for commercial management, sales people and marketeers, e-commerce staff, Amazon account managers etc. The dates for the individual sessions are: 8 June, 23 June, 29 September, 27 October, 23 November 2022

    To ensure you are a winner in this fast growing channel, please follow the below link and register your place.

    For any questions you might have, email Chris Exner (chris.exner@opi.net).

    The package

    • 5 webinars (including Q&A) for 60 to 75 minutes
    • Sharing of the content (video and presentation)
    • Sharing of executive summary per session
    • Profiles of the most important alternative marketplaces in the top 5 European markets

    Who should attend?

    • E-commerce staff
    • Export managers
    • Amazon account managers
    • Salespeople
    • Product and content marketers
    • Commercial management


    • Wednesday 8 June 2022
    • Thursday 23 June 2022 
    • Thursday 29 September 2022 
    • Thursday 27 October 2022 
    • Wednesday 23 November 2022

    OPI Deep Dive Webinar Series – How to Monetise the Online Marketplace Opportunity

    Session one: Marketplace strategies for brands

    • Elements that deliver success on (most) marketplaces
      Delivery times
      Account health
    • Type of marketplaces (plus examples)
      Sales by marketplaces
      Open marketplaces
      Closed marketplaces
      Wholesale model marketplaces
    • Strategic options for brands to work with marketplaces
      Branding and displaying
      Indirect via dealers
      Direct incognito
      Direct via marketplaces
      Direct sales to marketplaces
    • Pros and cons of the options
    • The UK marketplace landscape B2C and B2B
    • Executive summary

    Session two: Infrastructure and organisation (for non-techies)

    • An overview of the total infrastructure 
      Components explained
      Interfacing with marketplaces
      Commerce system
      Product management
      Price management and monitoring
      Signals and tools
      Fulfilment and shipping
      VAT (and other tax) reporting
      Customer service and reviews
      Returns and aftermarket
    • What (ideally) is needed per chosen strategy, in case of:
      Branding and displaying: brand/content accounts, PIM, monitoring
      Indirect via dealers: price management, partner contract, PIM, monitoring
      Direct incognito: all… plus partner
      Direct via marketplaces (3P?): all
      Direct sales to marketplaces (1P?): Brand/content accounts, PIM, monitoring, price management
    • Organisation
    • The German/Dach marketplace landscape B2C and B2B
    • Executive summary

    Session three: Price management

    • Price analysis – do you know the price of your products?
      The transparency of online
      Tools to monitor
    • Price management
      – Price arbitration and monitoring
      – By smart dealers
      – By Amazon
      – By marketplaces
      Per channel
      – Retail
      – Wholesale
      – Other
    • Price strategies for marketplaces
      Selective distribution
      Back-end programs
      Incognito dealers
      Direct to marketplaces
      Direct via marketplaces
    • Marketplace price calculation
    • Price tactics
      Costs components
    • The French marketplace landscape
    • Executive summary

    Session four: Supply and B2B marketplaces

    • Supply chain
      Consumer expectations per country
      The devil is in the detail
      – Lead times and cut-off
      – Delivery costs
    • E-fulfilment
      FBA alike
      – Traditional
      – Uber alike
    • Shipment
      Shipment and monitoring
    • B2B marketplaces
      Market development and expectations
      Type of marketplaces
      – Generic
      – Industry-specific
      – Purchase platform
    • A European overview
      Profiles: Amazon, Conrad, Unite/Mercateo, Lyreco, Rubix, Maykers
    • Unite
    • The Benelux marketplace landscape
    • Executive summary

    Session five: Optimisation – how to manipulate marketplace algorithms

    • Content (PBS Network)
      Per marketplace
    • Content/brand account
    • Efficiency
      PIM + PBS
    • Account health
    • Lead times
    • Monitoring
    • Customer service
    • Reviews
    • Overall process (costs)
    • The Polish marketplace landscape
    • Executive summary