Rui Carvalho

Rui Carvalho

Firmo was co-founded by Rui Carvalho’s grandfather in 1951. It was owned by Antalis between 1998-2011 until it was reacquired by the founding family. Rui has been CEO since then, while his brother, Miguel, is Executive Director.

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Background information

2021: Rui Carvalho has surged into OPI’s Top 100 after Firmo acquired Staples Portugal in April 2021. Overnight, this grew the company’s top line from €20 million to around €110 million ($130 million).

Firmo celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2021 and has historically been both a manufacturer and distributor of stationery products. Its notebooks are something of an institution in the local market. Over the years, it has expanded into exporting and cash-and-carry wholesaling – it has stores in its home city of Porto and the Portuguese capital, Lisbon – and also works directly with large corporations and public sector customers.

The Staples acquisition has propelled the group to a new level, adding 34 retail outlets, and online B2C and B2C operations, plus approximately 700 staff members. The plan is to keep the Staples name, which has developed a strong brand reputation in Portugal over the past 25 years.

The move is good news for Firmo’s own production, with Staples likely to become its largest single customer. The new owners will also use the Staples infrastructure as the go-to-market vehicle for Firmo’s B2B business.