Patrick Lobsiger and Johann Pintarich

Patrick Lobsiger and Johann Pintarich
Joint CEOs

2019: OWIBA, the entity that was legally created in 2018 as part of the coming together of multichannel operator Office World and reseller iba, has moved a step closer to better collaboration and to maximising all of its existing synergies.

Under the leadership of Patrick Lobsiger for Office World and Johann Pintarich for iba, as of 1 October 2019, both companies will be headquartered at iba’s existing HQ in Bolligen, near Switzerland’s capital Berne.

Both brands will remain independent, with Office World focused on the SOHO and small B2B customer, while iba continues to target the B2B contract space of mid-sized and large companies. The idea, say Lobsiger and Pintarich, is to create a ‘B2B powerhouse’.

Aside from a new ERP system for Office World, which will integrate with iba’s platform, the day-to-day running of the organisation will be much more cohesive, with all staff working in the areas of category management, for example, now responsible for both ‘divisions’ in their respective assortments. This, according to the company, will result in clear-cut responsibilities and faster decision-making.

Pintarich has been at iba since the beginning of 2018 when he took over from predecessor Christa Furter. Lobsiger, meanwhile, joined in September of last year as CEO of Office World and Chief Digital Officer of parent company MTH Retail Group. Prior to Office World/MTH, he worked for Amazon as Head of Amazon Pantry in the DACH region for three years.