Heinz Kneubuehl – NEW ENTRY

Heinz Kneubuehl – NEW ENTRY

Heinz Kneubuehl was appointed to take over as CEO of European purchasing organisation EOSA after the bankruptcy in May 2020 of Hedera, the Netherlands-based dealer run by former EOSA CEO Philip Becker.

Switzerland-based Kneubuehl is no stranger to EOSA – he has acted as its Administrator since 2013. His tenure as CEO has also got off to a positive start. EOSA recently appointed its first member in the UK since office2office left the group 11 years ago.

OT Group, the new entity that emerged out of the demise of the SPOT Group earlier this year, joined on 1 October. The company – owned by the Paragon Group – trades as OT Wholesale and OfficeTeam. Its addition takes EOSA’s membership to 12, representing annual end-user sales of approximately €750 million ($890 million).