Dennis Riffer – NEW ENTRY

Dennis Riffer – NEW ENTRY

Dennis Riffer is CEO of US sales and marketing organisation AFFLINK.

Background information

2022: A first-time entrant to the Top 100, sales and marketing organisation AFFLINK has earned its place in our list through its growing importance in the business supplies industry.

An expert in supply chain management services, it connects suppliers from a wide range of industries – packaging, janitorial, safety, foodservice, office products and MRO – with independent distribution specialists.

Under the leadership of CEO Dennis Riffer, AFFLINK has forged strong relationships with our sector, notably with Independent Suppliers Group. The alliance began in 2017, with both parties keen to strengthen it further as diversification becomes ever more important.

Riffer has over 30 years of experience in the field of supply chain management for global corporations, having served as General Manager for Kimberly-Clark and Director of Global Accounts for Scott Paper before joining AFFLINK in 2003.

His plans for the group are ambitious – he wants to grow the business fivefold in the next five years. A tough ask, he admits, considering the industry is still navigating the choppy waters of ongoing mergers, acquisitions and post-pandemic supply chain issues.

But, with a proactive and forward-looking attitude, it’s eminently feasible, he believes. One of the most recent initiatives Riffer has spearheaded – in response to increasingly devolving B2B buying habits – is the creation of an AFFLINK-powered marketplace.

The Elevate Marketplace offers an endless aisle of everyday items to at-home employees and microbusinesses. Given its extensive network of over 200 suppliers, competitive pricing is core to this online storefront and regarded as a vital differentiator.