Costas Gerardos

Costas Gerardos

Costas Gerardos became sole CEO of Greek reseller Plaisio in 2021, having previously shared the role with his father, company founder George Gerardos, for several years. 

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Background information

2022: Costas Gerardos has been working at Greek reseller Plaisio since 2003, starting as a salesman. In 2017, he became joint CEO and, aptly supported by his father George Gerardos, for several years worked in tandem with the company’s founder and industry veteran. George Gerardos moved to the Chairman position at the beginning of 2021, at the time handing over all day-to-day operations to his son.

Plaisio has long been known for its multichannel focus, interest in digitisation and appetite for continuous investments – not a common combination in the Greek market. And for that progressiveness it’s once again been reaping the benefits in a hugely challenging climate. For the financial year ended 31 December 2021, Plaisio reported sales of €437 million ($435 million), up 23.2% from the previous year – or 18.2% excluding the effect of subsidised sales under the ‘Digital Access’ programme. EBITDA increased a robust 49.6% to €19.9 million.

According to the CEO, the positive results – after an almost two-year pandemic period – were due to two main reasons. Firstly, the existence of a highly advanced logistics and e-commerce infrastructure which was firmly established long before COVID-19, thereby positioning
the reseller well from the outset.

Even more important, said Gerardos, was the collective effort of Plaisio’s entire team throughout the pandemic, irrespective of individuals’ positions and often carried out in very difficult conditions. It was rewarded with a bonus payment to all staff which amounted to a total of €1 million.

And there’s no stopping the Plaisio machine: a further €10 million are currently being invested by this impressive operator.