Baderuddin Panakkat – NEW ENTRY

Baderuddin Panakkat – NEW ENTRY
Al Nabooda
Category Head

2021: Al Nabooda is a new entry to our Top 100. It operates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), providing a wide range of products for the office, including divisions specialising in security and storage products, and business machines.

The latter are led by Category Head Baderuddin Panakkat, an Indian national who has lived in the UAE since 1989 and has over 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, business development and management, with a successful track record of converting new products into branded market leaders. 

Al Nabooda’s story began in 2004 when it sold only flooring products. In the past 17 years, it’s built up a reputation as a supplier of quality products, rapidly expanding its range into a variety of additional categories, all aiming to transform the home as well as the office.