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With the new COTraffic Light, the current carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air can be measured and made visible. The three traffic light colors clearly show whether ventilation is necessary or not.

This avoids high concentrations of CO2 and aerosols in the ambient air of any offices and conference rooms, restaurants, shops, theatres, doctor’s practices, universities, gyms and all other public buildings and reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19 to a minimum.

This is illustrated in a clear way with the help of the three common traffic light colors so that everyone easily understands:

  • If the CO2 concentration is below 1,000 ppm, the traffic light is green, indicating that the air quality is OK.
  • If the CO2 concentration exceeds 1,000 ppm, the traffic light turns yellow and indicates that ventilation is recommended.
  • The red signal indicates that significant ventilation is necessary as the CO2 concentration is above 2,000 ppm.
  • If the limit value of 3,000 ppm is exceeded, a red flashing light indicates the acute urgency of ventilation.

WERMA’s solution for CO2 measurement in indoor air consists of a three-stage signal tower, which is immediately ready to use and very easy to install thanks to Plug & Play: Simply plug in the supplied power supply, wait until the self-calibration is completed and the traffic light is ready for use. The current CO2 concentration in the ambient air is measured immediately and displayed using the three traffic light colours.

The traffic light is clear, easy to understand and does not require explanation. The signals are clearly visible from all sides thanks to the 360-degree illumination and the extremely bright LEDs guarantee that they are clearly visible even in direct sunlight and bright surroundings.

Ideally, the CO2 traffic light is placed in the middle of the room, ie not too close to the window and not higher than two metres from the floor. Since carbon dioxide is distributed fairly evenly throughout the room, a traffic light is sufficient for most rooms.