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tesa is meeting the challenge to produce innovative, environmentally-friendly tape solutions that meet the increasing consumer demand for ecological products in the craft market.

Products such as the award-winning tesa Glue Stamp, Glue Roller and Glue Stick are part of the company’s ecoLogo range.

tesa Glue Stamp offers a clean, precise and permanent method of gluing that offers eco-friendly credentials with a highly efficient and less wasteful method of sticking materials together. Its stamping action puts fun into gluing, allowing quick and precise application and permanent adhesion on paper and cardboard.

Solvent-free and housed in 100% recycled plastic, each disposable unit contains over 1,100 stamps, offering a long-lasting adhesive solution.

tesa Glue Roller comes in several versions, varying in adhesive power (permanent or removable) and ideally suited to working with paper, cardboard or photos. The strong adhesive is applied by an optimised tip which produces effortless functionality and presses the tear resistant film carrier onto the paper or material being used.  The permanent version is packaged in 80% recycled cardboard.

tesa Glue Sticks offer impressive adhesion power and are perfectly suited for gluing paper and cardboard. They are easy to use, grease and solvent free, non-toxic, and can be washed out of clothes in a 30˚ wash.

tesa’s ecoLogo range is 100% solvent-free and made from sustainable materials, including 100% bleach-free paper and recycled plastic, reflecting the company’s focus on innovation and commitment to delivering eye catching, convenient and reliable solutions for gluing, fixing, and mounting applications.