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Steelcase and Anker
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Steelcase Flex Mobile Power, is an enterprise-level, contract-grade low voltage mobile power that gives teams the freedom to work anywhere. Sleek, portable and powerful, each Mobile Power unit can charge up to three laptops or personal devices for a full day. It’s easy to carry anywhere, sturdy enough to hold up under heavy use in the workplace, and yet the design was inspired by hand-crafted tableware, so it fits in workplaces that range from upscale to casual.           

Steelcase Flex Mobile Power not only charges multiple devices simultaneously, it detects which device is running the lowest and directs the most power there, so everyone can keep working. The proprietary charging tray from Steelcase and Anker charges five units overnight, and sits on any flat surface or can be integrated into a Steelcase Flex Collection cart to go wherever teams need it. It is designed for USB-C port connectivity – rapidly becoming the global, universal connectivity standard, and also has a USB-A port, which deliver best-in-class 218 watt-hour capacity with 117W charging output across all ports.