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SIGEL Mocon is a multifunctional office collection that can be used with its various components in different work and creation processes. It allows spatial flexibility and multifunctionality in the work environment.

The basis is a board system with different fixations, which is used either stationary or portable. The board variants are available frameless in different formats and can thus be used as whiteboard, acoustic pinboard or glass-acrylic board.

SIGEL Mocon, the Modular Board System, incorporates stationary and agile components in one, creating solutions for the demands of a dynamic work environment and the needs of agile, creative teams. It allows multifunctional use for concentrated individual work at one’s own desk, for creative work in a team or serves as a temporary workstation for mobile employees.

The different fixations allow installation on the wall with the Wall Rail or placement on the work surface with a Desk Stand. In addition, a mobile version is available with a Mobile Stand which can be used freely in the room.

The Desk Stand can be used with a Plexiglas partition as hygiene protection, but is also a drawing board and pin board, depending on the choice of board. It can also be used as an acoustic board, which serves as a sound barrier to improve the room acoustics. The Desk Stand serves both as a holder and a decorative shelf for office supplies.

The Wall Rail is a stationary wall rail system in various sizes. Thanks to innovative register inserts, the various board variants and formats can be fixed as required and, depending on the board variant, can also serve as sound insulation.

For mobile use, a mobile presentation trolley is used as a Mobile Stand or as a Low Board, which transport the different boards and serve as a work tool and presentation surface at the same time.