Sharp Synappx Collaboration Hub

Detailed Information

Sharp has announced the launch of Synappx Collaboration Hub, a smart subscription service that aims to simplify the meeting experience, addressing the changing needs and challenges of hybrid meetings.

Using the power of the cloud, Synappx provides users with an easy to use and consistent interface to run any type of meeting, providing streamlined access to important shared documents via industry leading web platforms and meeting solutions. This simplifies meeting setup to ensure time is spent on achieving meeting objectives, instead of worrying about technology surrounding the meeting.  

Synappx Collaboration Hub delivers a consistent user experience whether using a personal or in-room device, removing user concerns when using unknown equipment and services, to ensure meetings start on time. Documents are also easily accessed and shared thanks to consistent processes and menu options when accessing data from various cloud database services.

The Synappx Collaboration Hub helps users to work effectively and efficiently in any meeting space by removing complexity. Whether meeting from a huddle space or operating a sophisticated in-room videoconferencing equipment, users can automatically start a video conference and easily access their documents from a personal PC or smartphone, ensuring participants’ focus always remains on the content and meeting objectives.

For ease and simple access, the Synappx Go app provides full touchless control of all meeting processes directly from a smartphone. The Synappx Go mobile application ensures users can take full control of all meeting activities, easy meeting launch and the ability to simply retrieve and present content stored in multiple cloud storage services onto a display.